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Recent Books

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We invite additions and corrections to this list; sign in to add your own titles.

In addition to including any book by AFS members, we would like to include all books relevant to the field of folklore, broadly construed.

Thanks to Journal of American Folklore Book Review Editor Gregory Hansen and Bekalu Kifle of Arkansas State University for their work in compiling the initial draft, and their generosity in sharing it.


Briscese, Rosangela and Joseph Sciorra (eds.). Graces Received: Painted and Metal Ex-votos from Italy (From the Collection of Leonard Norman Primiano). 2012.

Bendix, Regina F. and Galit Hasan-Rokem, eds. A Companion to Folklore. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012).

Chesnut, R. Andrew. Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, The Skeleton Saint. 2012.

de Caro, Frank. Folklore Recycled: Old Traditions in New Contexts. (University Press of Mississippi, 2012).

Hopkin, David. Voices of the People in Nineteenth-Century France. (Cambridge University Press, 2012).

Krawczyk-Wasilewska, Violetta, Theo Meder and Andy Ross, eds. Shaping Virtual Lives: Online Identities, Representations, and Conducts. Lodz University Press, 2012.

Russell, Ian and Chris Goertzen (eds.). Routes & Roots: Fiddle and Dance Studies from around the North Atlantic 4. Aberdeen: Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen, 2012.

Silverman, Carol. Romani Routes: Cultural Politics and Balkan Music in Diaspora. (Oxford University Press, 2012.)

Williams, Psyche Forson and Carole Counihan (eds.). Taking Food Public: Redefining Foodways in a Changing World. 2012.


Adler, Shelly R. Sleep Paralysis: Night-Mares, Nocebos, and the Mind-Body Connection. 2011.

Adler, Thomas A. Bean Blossom: The Brown County Jamboree and Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Festivals. (University of Illinois Press, 2011).

Baron, Robert and Ana C. Cara (eds.). Creolization as Cultural Creativity. 2011

Bellin, Joshua David and Laura L. Mielke (eds.) Native Acts: Indian Performance 1603-1832. 2011.

Bjorkholm, Johanna. Immateriellt Kulturav som begrepp och process- folkloristika perspecktiv pa kulturav I Finlands svens kbygder med folkmusik som exempel. 2011.

Bonney, Lorraine G., Maxine Johnston and Pete A. Y. Gunter, (Edited and with Introductions by). The Big Thicket Guidebook: Exploring the Backroads and History of Southeast Texas. 2011.

Bowman, Paddy and Lynne Hamer (eds.) Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore, Community, Currriculum. (Utah State University Press, 2011).

Boyd, Coleen E. and Coll Thrush (Edited and with an Introduction by). Phantom Past Indigenous Presence: Native Ghosts in North American Culture and History. 2011.

Bronner, Simon J. Explaining Traditions: Folk Behavior in Modern Culture. (University Press of Kentucky, 2011).

Brown, Mary Ellen. Child's Unfinished Masterpiece: The English and Scottish Popular Ballads. (University of Illinois Press, 2011).

Broyles-Gonzalez, Yolanda and Pilulaw Khus. Earth Wisdom: A California Chumash Woman. 2011.

Brundage, W Fitzhugh. Crawfish Bottom: Recovering a Lost Kentucky Community. (University Press of Kentucky, 2011).

Bucuvalas, Tina (author & ed.)The Florida Folklife Reader. (Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2011).

Burns, Sean. Archie Green: The Making of a Working-Class Hero. 2011.

Campbell, Carol and James F. Smith. Necessaries and Sufficiencies: Planter Society in Londonderry, Onslow, and Truro Townships, 1761-1780. 2011.

Cashman, Ray, Tom Mould, and Pravina Shukla (authors & editors). The Individual and Tradition: Folkloristic Perspectives. (Indiana University Press, 2011).

Cogswell, Robert. Tradition: Tennessee Lives and Legacies (Nashville: Tennessee Arts Commission, 2010).  

Cohen, Ronald D. (ed). Alan Lomax, Assistant in Charge: The Library of Congress Letters, 1935-1945. 2011. (First Printing 2010)

Davida, Dana (ed). Fields in Motion: Ethnography in the Worlds of Dance. 2011.

Doris, David. Vigilant Things: On Thieves, Yruba Anti-Aesthetics, and the Strange Fates of Ordinary Objects in Nigeria (University of Washington Press, 2011).  

Eliason, Eric A. Photographs by Scott Squire. Black Velvet Art. 2011.

Ensminger, David A. Visual Vitriol: The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore Generation. 2011.

Frank, Russell. Newslore: Contemporary Folklore on the Internet. (Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2011).

Gabbert, Lisa. Winter Carnival in a Western Town: Identity, Change and the Good of the Community. (Utah State University Press, 2011).

Garner, Lori Ann. Structuring Spaces: Oral Poetics and Architecture in Early Medieval England. 2011.

Gillespie, Angus K. Crossing Under the Hudson: The Story of the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels. (Rutgers University Press, 2011).

Gilman, Lisa. The Dance of Politics: Gender, Performance, and Democratization in Malawi. (Temple University Press, 2011).

Hill, Jonathan D. and Jean-Pierre Chanmeil. Burst of Breath: Indigenous Ritual Wind Instruments in lowland South America. 2011.

Hilton, Alison. Russian Folk Art. 2011(1995 first publication).

Howard, Robert Glenn. Digital Jesus: The Making Of A New Christian Fundamenatlist Community On The Internet. (New York University Press, 2011).

Ingber, Judith Brin (ed.)  Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance. (Wayne State University Press, 2011.

Latanzi Shutika, Debra. Beyond the Borderlands: Migration and Belonging in the United States and Mexico. 2011.

Lee, Jonathan H. X. and Kathleen M. Nadeau (authors and editors). Encyclopedia of Asian American folklore and folklife. (ABC-CLIO, 2011).

Mair, Victor H. and Mark Bender.The Columbia Anthology of Chinese Folk and Popular Literature. (Columbia University Press, 2011).

Malone, Bill C. Music from the True Vine: Mike Seeger's Life and Musical Journey. (Univ of North Carolina Press, 2011).

McCutchan, Ann. River Music: An Atchafalaya Story. 2011.

Melton, J. Gordon. The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead. 2011.

Montell, William Lynwood.Tales from Kentucky Sheriffs. (University Press of Kentucky, 2011).

Mould, Tom. Still the Small voice: Narrative, Personal Revelation, and the Mormon Folk Tradition. 2011.

Poole, W. Scott. Monsters in America: Our Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting. 2011.

Radford, Benjamin. Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampires Beast in Fact, Fiction and Folklore. 2011.

Redding, Arthur. Haints: American Ghost, Millennial Passion, and Contemporary Gothic fictions. 2011.

Reeve, W. Paul and Michael Scott Van Wagenen. Between Pulpit and Pew. The Supernatural World in Mormon History and Folklore. 2011.

Retman, Sonnet. Real Folks; Race and Genre in the Great Depression. 2011.

Schweninger, Lee (edited with an introduction by) The First We Can Remember: Colorado Pioneer Women Tell Their Stories. 2011.

Sciorra, Joseph (ed.) Italian Folk: Vernacular Culture in Italian-American Lives (New York: Fordham University Press, 2011.)

Seal, Graham (ed.). Antipodean Traditions: Australian Folklore in the 21st Century. Black Swan Press, 2011.

Sims, Martha C. and Martine Stephens. Living Folklore: An Introduction to the Study of Peiople and their Traditions. Revised edition 2011.

Stewart, David J. The Sea their Graves: An Archeology of Death and Remembrance in Maritime Culture. 2011.

Swann, Brian (edited and with and Introduction by). Born in the Blood: On Native American Translation. 2011.

Thompson, Charles D., Jr. Spirits of just Men: Mountaineers, Liquor Bosses, and Lawmen in the Moonshine Capital of the World. 2011.

Untiedt, Kenneth L.(ed.).Hide, Horn, Fish and Foul: Texas Hunting and Fishing Lore. 2011.

Wardi, Anissa Janine. Water and African American Memory. 2011.

Williams, Sean and Lillis O Laoire. Bright Star of the West: Joe Heaney, Irish Song-Man. 2011.


Ali, Samer M. Arabic Literary Salons in the Islamic Middle Ages: Poetry, Public Performance, and the Presentation of the Past. 2010.

Allen, Ray. Gone to the Country: The New Lost City Ramblers and the Folk Music Revival. (University of Illinois Press, 2010).

Beresin, Anna R. (foreward by Brian Sutton-Smith) Recess Battles: Playing, Fighting, and Storytelling. (Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2010).

Burrison, John A. From Mud to Jug: Folk Potters and Pottery of Northeast Georgia (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2010).

Cameron, Euan. Enchanted Europe: Superstition, Reason, And Religion 1250-1750. (Oxford University Press, 2010).

 Cohen, Ronald D. Work and Sing: A History of Occupational and Labor Union Songs in the United States. (Carquinez Press, 2010).

Corntasselsmith, Chadwick and Rennard Stickland with Benny Smith. Building One fire: Art and Worldview in Cherokee Life. 2010.

Dunaway, David King and Molly Beer, Singing Out: An Oral History of America’s Folk Music Revivals. 2010.

Evans, Michael Robert. The Fast Runner: Filming the Legend of Atanarjuat. (U of Nebraska Press, 2010).

Feintuch, Burt and Gary Samson In the Blood: Cape Breton Conversations on Culture. (Utah State University Press, 2010).

Fine, Gary Alan and Bill Ellis. The Global Grapevine: Why Rumors of Terrorism, Immigration, and Trade Matter. 2010.

Frank, Stuart M. Jolly Sailors Bold. (Loomis House Press, 2010).

Games, Alison.  Witchcraft in Early North America (American Controversies). (Rowman & Littlefield, 2010).

Galm, Eric A. The Berimbau: Soul of Brazilian Music. 2010.

Giguère, Hélène. Viva Jerez!: Enjeux Esthétiques et Politiques de la Patrimonialisation de la Culture. (Presses Université Laval, 2010).

Glassie, Henry. Prince Twins Seven-Seven: His Art, His Life in Nigeria, His Exile in America (Indiana University Press, 2010).

 Goertzen, Chris. Made in Mexico: Tradition, Tourism and Political Ferment in Oaxaca. 2010.

González, Anita, George O. Jackson, José Manuel Pellicer and Ben Vinson Afro-Mexico: Dancing Between Myth and Reality. (University of Texas Press, 2010).

Goska, Danusha Veronica. Bieganski: The Brute Polack Stereotype, Its Role in Polish-Jewish Relations and American Popular Culture. (Academic Studies Press, 2010).

Hackler, M. B. (ed). Culture After the Hurricanes: Rhetoric and Reinvention on the Gulf Coast. 2010.

Honeyman, Susan. Consuming Agency In Fairy Tales, Childlore, And Folk Literature. (Routledge, 2010).

Horowitz, Amy. Mediterranean Israeli Music and the Politics of the Aesthetic. 2010.

Jenkins, Paul O.. Richard Dyer-Bemnnet: The Last Ministrel. 2010.

Kazabowski-Houston, Magdalena.Staging Strife: Lessons from performing Ethnography with Polish Roma Women. 2010.

Klintberg, Bengt Af. The Types of the Swedish Folk Legend. 2010.

Lockwood, Yvonne R.Finishing American Rag Rugs: Art, Tradition and Ethnic Continuity. 2010.

Lowery, Malinda Maynor. Lumbee Indians in the Jim Crow South: Race, Identity, and the Making of a Nation. (Univ of North Carolina Press, 2010).

Maynard, Frank (edited and Introduced by Jim Hoy. Foreword by David Stanley). Cowboy’s Lament: A Life on the Open Range. 2010.

McGregory, Jerrilyn. Downhome Gospel: Africa American Spiritual Activism in Wiregrass Country. 2010.

Medrano, Manuel and Américo Paredes. Américo Paredes: In His Own Words, An Authorized Biography. (University of North Texas Press, 2010).

Meeker, Martin (ed.). The Oakland Army Base: An Oral History. (Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2010).

Montell, William Lynwood. Tales of Kentucky Ghosts. (University Press of Kentucky, 2010).

Naithani, Sadhana. The Story-Time of the British Empire: Colonial and Post –Colonial Folkloristics. 2010.

Nilsen, Kenneth E. Fifth Scottish Gaelic Research Conference. 2010.

Nuckolls, James B.Lessons from a Quechua Strongwoman: Ideophany, Dialogue, and Perspective. 2010.

Ochoa, Todd Ramon.Society of the Dead: Quita Manaquita and Palo Praise in Cuba. 2010.

Pen, Ron. I Wonder as I Wander: The Life of John Jacob Niles. (University Press of Kentucky, 2010).

Rasmussen, Anne K. Women, the Recited Qur’an, and Islamic Music in Indonesia. 2010.

Reineke, Hank. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott: The Never-Ending Highway. 2010.

Rodgers, Lawrence and Jerrold Hirsch. America’s Folklorist: B. A. Botkin and American Culture. 2010.

Schoolbraid, Murray. The High-Kilted Muse: Peter Buchan and Secret Songs of Silence. 2010.

Seifert, Lewis C. and Domna C. Stanton (eds. and Trans.). Enchanted Eloquence: Fairy Tales by Seventeenth-Century French Women Writers. 2010.

Sexton, James D. and Fredy Rodriguez-Meja (Translated and edited by). The Dog Who Spoke and more Mayan Folktales./El Pero que hable y mas cuentos mayas.- Stories told in Spanish by Pedro Cholotio Temo and Alberto Burreno. 2010.

Sitton, Thad. Gray Ghosts and Red Rangers: American Hilltop Fox Chasing. (University of Texas Press, 2010).

Smith, Ralph Lee. Appalachian Dulcimer Traditions. (2ndedition). 2010.

Stone, Robert L. Sacred Steel: Inside an African American Steel Guitar Tradition. (University of Illinois Press, 2010).

Szwed, John. Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World, a Biography. (Random House Publishers, 2010).

Teuton, Christopher B. Deep Waters: The textual Continuum in American Indian Literature. 2010.

Tye, Diane. Baking as Biography: A Life Story In Recipes. (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2010).

van Binsbergen, Wim M. J. and Eric Venbrux (eds). New Perspectives on Myth: Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference of the International Association for Comparative Mythology, Ravenstein (The Netherlands), 19-21 August 2008. 2010.

Walkowitz, Daniel J. City Folk: English Country Dance and the politics of the Folk in Modern America. 2010.

Zheng, Su. Claiming Diaspora: Music Transnationalism, and Cultural Politics in Asian/Chinese America. 2010.


Adema, Pauline. Garlic Capital of the World: Gilroy, Garlic, and the Making of Festive Foodscape. (Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2009).

Alex, Gabriele. Learning and Embodying Caste, Class, and Gender. Patterns of Childhood in Rural Tamil Nadu: Ritual, Kinship, Gender, and Education among Vagri, Mutturaja and Kallar. 2009.

Arsenault, Georges. Acadian Mi- Careme: Masks and Merry making. 2009.

Asma, Stephen T. Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our worst Fears. 2009.

Berger, Harris M. Stance: Ideas about Emotion, Style, and Meaning for the Study of Expressive Culture. 2009.

Bierhorst, John (Transcribed and Translated from the Nahautl by). Ballads of the Lords of New Spain: The codex Romances de los Senores de la Nueva Espana. 2009.

Blank, Trevor J. (ed.). Folklore and the Internet: Vernacular Expression in a Digital World. (Utah State University Press, 2009).

Brasseaux, Ryan Andre. Cajun Breakdown: The Emergence of An American-Made Music. 2009.

Buhs, Joshua Blu. Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend. 2009.

Chana, Leonard F., Susan Lobo, and Barbara Chana, The Sweet Smell of Home: The Life and Art of Leonard F. Chana. 2009.

Charters, Samuel. A Language of Song: Journeys in the Musical World of the African Diaspora. 2009.

Coben, Herminia Meñez. Verbal Arts In Philippine Indigenous Communities: Poetics, Society, And History. (Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2009).

Cutchins, Dennis and Eric A. Elliason (eds). Wild Games: Hunting and Fishing Traditions in North America. 2009.

Dautcher, Jay. Down a Narrow Road: Identity and Masculinity in a Uyghur Community in Xinjiang China. 2009.

Ferris, William R. Give My Poor Heart Ease: Voices of the Mississippi Blues. (Univ of North Carolina Press, 2009).

Gustafson, Bret. New Languages of the State: Indigenous Resurgence and the Politics of Knowledge in Bolivia. 2009.

Hill, Jonathan D. Made from Bone: Trickster Myths, Music, and History from the Amazon. 2009.

Hsiung, David C. (ed)A Mountaineer in Motion: The Memoir of Dr. Abraham Jobe, 1817-1906. 2009.

Ice, Joyce. On Collecting: From Private to Public, Featuring Folk and Tribal Art from the Diane and Sandy Besser Collection. 2009.

Johnson, David. Spectacle and Sacrifice: The Ritual: Foundations of Village Life in North China. 2009.

Kendall, Lauren. Shamans, Nostalgias and the IMF: South Korean Popular Religion in Motion. 2009.

Kilgman, Mark. Maqam and Liturgy:Ritual, Music and Aesthetics of Syrian Jews in Brooklyn. 2009.

Krupat, Arnold. All That Remains: Varieties of Indigenous Expression. 2009.

Lowinger, Gene. I Hear a Voice Calling: A Bluegrass Memoir. 2009.

MacKinnon, Richard. Discovering cape Breton Folklore. 2009.

Mandal, Partibha. An Approach to the Cultural Mapping of North-East india in Respect of Tribal Tales. 2009.

Mandeville, François and Ronald Scollon (eds.) This Is What They Say: A Story Cycle Dictated In Northern Alberta in 1928. (Douglas & mcintyre, 2009).

Marsh, Kathryn. The Musical Playground: Global Tradition and Change in Children's Songs and Games. (Oxford University Press, 2009).

Mazor, Barry. Meeting Jimmie Rodgers: How America's Original Roots Music Hero Changed the Pop Sounds of a Century. (Oxford University Press, 2009).

McCormick, James and Macy Wyatt. Ghosts of the Bluegrass. 2009.

Najera-Ramirez, Olga, Norma E. Cantu, and Brenda M. Romero (eds.), Dancing Across Borders (Danzas y Bailes Mexicanos). 2009

Nance, Susan. How the Arabian Nights Inspired the American Dream, 1790-1935. (Univ of North Carolina Press, 2009).

Olson, Ted, Anthony P. Cavender and William Ferris (eds.) A Tennessee folklore sampler: selections from the Tennessee folklore society bulletin, 1935-2009. (Univ. Of Tennessee Press, 2009).

Peretti, Burton William. Lift Every Voice: The History Of African American Music. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009).

Pulido, Alberto Lopez, Barbara Driscoll de Alvarado, and Carmen Samora (eds.), Moving Beyond Borders: Julian Samora and the Establishment of Latino Studies. 2009.

Romberg, Raquel. Healing Dramas: Divination and Magic in Modern Puerto Rico. 2009.

Sayer, Chloe. Fiesta: Days of the Dead and Other Mexican Festivals. 2009

Stoller. Paul. The Power of the Between: An Anthropological Odyssey. 2009.

Streissguth, Michael. Eddy Arnold: Pioneer of the Nashville Sound. 2009(Original Hardcover Edition was in 1997)

Taylor, David A. Soul of a People: The WPA Writers’ Project Uncovers Depression America. 2009.

Van Deusen, Kira. Kiviuk: An Iniut Hero and His Siberian Cousins. 2009.

Venuum, Thomas. The Ojibwa Dance Drum: Its History and Construction. 2009, originally published in 1982

Wagner, Bryan. Distributing the Peace: Black culture and the Police Power after Slavery. 2009.

Webster, Anthony K. Explorations in Navajo Poetry and Poetics. 2009.

Weintraub, Andrew N. and Bell Yung (ed). Music and Cultural Rights. 2009.

Wells, Robert V. Life Flows On in Endless Song: Folk Song sand American History. 2009.

Wilce, James M. Crying Shame: Metaculture, Modernity, and the Exaggerated Death of Lament. 2009.

Wonderley, Anthony. At the font of the Marvelous: Exploring Oral Narrative and Mythic Imagery of the Iroquois and Their Neighbors. 2009.

Yule, Ron. Louisiana Fiddlers. 2009.


Basgoz, Ilhan. Hikaye: Turkish Folk Romance as Performance Art. 2008.

Cashman, Ray. Storytelling on the Northern Irish Border: Characters and Community (Indiana University Press, 2008).

Cohen, Ronald D. A History of Folk Music Festivals in the United States: Feasts of Musical Celebration. 2008.

Evans, David. Ramblin' On My Mind: New Perspectives on the Blues. (University of Illinois Press, 2008).

Evans, Michael Robert. Isuma: Inuit Video Art. (mcgill-Queen's University Press, 2008).

Fienup-Riordan, Ann(ed).Paitarkiutenka: My Legacy to You. Miisaq/ Frank Andrew, Sr. [ Transcriptions and Translations by Alice Rearden and Marie Mead]. 2008.

Fromm, Annette B. We are Few: Folklore and Ethnic Identity of the Jewish Community of Ioannina, Greece. (Lexington Books, 2008).

Goertzen, Chris. Southern Fiddlers and Fiddle Contests. (Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2008).

Hawes, Bess Lomax. Sing It Pretty: A Memoir. (University of Illinois Press, 2008).

Holtzberg, Maggie. Keepers of Tradition: Art and Folk Heritage in Massachusetts (Boston: The Massachusetts Cultural Council and the National Heritage Museum. Distributed by University of Massachusetts Press, 2008).

Hood, Ralph W., Jr. and W. Paul Williamson. Them That Believe: The Power and Meaning of the Christian Serpent-Handling Tradition. 2008.

Huber, Patrick. Linthead Stomp: The Creation Of Country Music In The Piedmont South. (Univ of North Carolina Press, 2008).

Hutto, Daniel D. Folk Psychological Narratives: The Sociocultural Basis of Understanding Reasons. 2008.

Kraut, Anthea. Choreographing the Folk: The Dance Stagings of Zora Neale Hurston. 2008.

Norman, Howard (selected and edited by). Northern Tales: Traditional Stories of Eskimo and Indian peoples. (first 1990. Nebraska Paperback Prinitng, 2008)

Okonkwo, Christopher N.A Spirit of Dialogue: Incarnations of Ogbanje, the Born – to – Die in African American Literature. 2008.

Ramsey, Jarold and Lori Burlingame (eds). In Beauty I Walk: The Literary Roots of Native American Writing. 2008.

Rosengarten, Dale, Theodore Rosengarten, and Enid Schildkrout, Grass Roots: African Origins of and American Art. 2008.

Schweninger, Lee. Listening to the Land: Native American Literary Responses to the Landscape. 2008.

Shukla, Pravina. The Grace of Four Moons: Dress, Adornment, and the Art of the Body in Modern India (Indiana University Press, 2008).

Thompson, M. Terry and Steven M. Egesdal (eds). Salish Myths and Legends: One People’s Stories. 2008.

Yeghizaryan, Azat. Daredevils of Sasun: Poetics of an Epic- (Translation from Armenian by S. Peter Cowe). 2008.


Attebery, Jennifer Eastman. Up in the Rocky Mountains: Writing the Swedish Immigrant Experience. 2007.

Bacchilega, Cristina. Legendary Hawai'i and the Politics of Place: Tradition, Translation, and Tourism (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007).

Bridoy, Michael. The Irish Folklore in Commission 1935-1970; History, Ideology, Methodology. 2007.

Finnegan, Ruth. The oral and Beyond: Doing Things with Words in Africa. 2007.

Hansen, Gregory. A Florida Fiddler: The Life and Times of Richard Seaman, 2007.

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