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Bibliography: Essential Texts for Folk Narrative (Print)

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Folk Narrative Bibliography

This bibliography focuses on books analyzing folk and fairy tales. This list will be updated quarterly. You are invited to send additional titles to Ruth Stotter.


Analyzing Folk and Fairy Tales

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---, and Brian W. Sturm. The Storyteller's Sourcebook: A Subject, Title andMotif Index to Folklore Collections for Children 1983-1999. Farmington Hills, Michigan: Gale Group, 2001. Note: This is a supplement (not a replacement) to the above reference book.

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Tale Type and Motif Indexes and Resources

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 Folk and Fairy Tale Films

Ashpet. Davenport Films. 45 minutes.

Bearskin. Davenport Films. 20 minutes.

Beauty and the Beast. Jean Cocteau. 1946.

Bristlelip. Davenport Films. 19 minutes.

Company of Wolves - starring Angela Lansbury, 1984 (Red Riding Hood). Incorporated Television Company. 95 minutes.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel. Davenport Films, 1978. 15 minutes.

Rumplestiltskin. Media Home Entertainment/Heron Communication, 1987. 84 minutes.

Rumplestiltskin. Republic Pictures. 91 minutes.

Rumplestilkin. Fairie Tale Theatre. Distributed by 20th Century Home Entertainment. 40 minutes.

Soldier Jack. Davenport Films. 40 minutes.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Starring Vincent Price and Vanessa Redgrave. Faerie Tale Theatre: Playhouse Video.

Snow White: A Tale of Terror, starring Sigourney Weaver. Distributed by Buena Vista. 1996. 101 minutes.

The Tale of the Frog Prince - starring Robin Williams, 1982. Playhouse Video. 55 minutes.

Willa: An American Snow White. Davenport Films. 1997. 85 minutes.



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