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Join AFS/Sign In

Why should I join AFS? What are the membership rates?
See Member Benefits and Types of Membership under About AFS.

Should I use Join AFS or Sign In?
Use Join AFS only if you have never been a member of AFS before, or if your membership expired before August 31, 2010. If you are a current member, or your membership has expired since August 31, 2010, you should use Sign In. Those whose membership has lapsed at any point since then will be greeted upon signing in with a path to membership renewal. If you're not sure which case applies to you, try "Sign In" first, and resort to "Join AFS" only if that path fails.

How do I sign in if I have forgotten my password or username?
You can reset your password if you know which email address you provided as your primary email address. Use the "Forgot your password?" link on the Sign In screen. You will need to provide your username or your email address. An e-mail will be sent to that address, which will include a link that you can use to reset your password. However, if you don't know your username, you may not be able to sign in; contact us and  AFS staff can remind you of your username and/or email address, or reset your password as you direct. Once you have successfully signed in, you can revise your username or password yourself with "Edit Bio" under "Manage Profile" in the Profile menu.

Do I have to join AFS in order to use the AFS website?
Yes and no. You do not have to register as an AFS member and pay AFS member dues. You do, however, have to click on Join AFS to "join" the AFS website as a Web Only member; you will create a username and password linked to a Profile, all of which you will need to participate in the online community. Registration as a Web Only member is free, but must be renewed annually.

Will I receive renewal reminders?
If you have opted in to receiving print mailings from AFS, a renewal reminder letter will be mailed with paper renewal form approximately two months before your membership expires. You will also receive auto-generated email reminders one month before your expiration date, and again one day before the expiration date. A final print mailing is scheduled for two months after your membership expires. All renewal reminders will contain a link or url to "Renew Membership in AFS" under Member Services. Web Only members have to renew annually, but they will receive only email notifications.

I am a current member. How do I renew my membership online?

Sign in. Click on Membership Info in the Profile menu, then look for the link to "Securely renew your membership now." (Note: This link may not appear if you have more than three months left of your membership.) You may renew your Section memberships at the same time that you renew your AFS membership—you will have an opportunity to select your Sections before submitting your membership dues payment.

Alternatively, AFS members may still join or renew Sections at any time in the online store. For more information about joining sections, visit:

My membership has lapsed. How do I renew online?
Sign in. You will be greeted upon sign in with a path to renewal.

My membership lapsed more than a year ago. I have renewed, but I'm told that my membership is still expired. Does this mean that I am required to pay for the interval between my former expiration date and now?
No, but AFS staff will have to manually over-ride the system. The program automatically advances your expiration date 12 months from your last expiration date—it doesn't know any better. When we process your renewal, we change your expiration date to coincide with your new renewal date, not your expiration date. You can speed this process by dropping us an email to alert us to the situation.

I prefer to pay by check. Where will I find a print renewal form?
You can use the print renewal form that is sent with your first renewal reminder, or you can click on "Renew Membership in AFS" under Member Services for a link, at the bottom, to a blank, printable membership form, which may be used for AFS membership, Section membership, AFS Fellows dues, JSTOR subscriptions, and donations.

I am a member of AFS Sections. How do I renew Sections online?
Renew your Sections at the same time that you renew your AFS or Sections Only membership. Alternatively, you may still join or renew Sections at any time in the online store, or select from the complete list of Sections At a Glance that links to the online store.

Where can I find receipts for my renewal payments?

All receipts for online transactions associated with your membership may be found under "Account History” at the bottom of the Manage Profile page. Click on Membership to see the payments submitted during the membership renewal process; for any payment submitted through the online store or event registration, see Invoices (change "filter by status" control to "any status."). Starting in September 2017, all mailed-in renewals and other payments made by check will be included in this list as well; contact AFS staff for receipts for check payments made prior to September 2017.

I've gone to Invoices (or Membership) but I still don't see any receipts. Where are they?
Look for the "Filter by status" drop down menu at the top of the main screen, which defaults to "open." Change that to "any status." We realize that this is not obvious, but it is a feature of the platform that we don't control.

Who can access my Member Profile?
Member profiles are visible only to AFS members.

Section Only and Web Only members have their own Profiles, which may be viewed by AFS members, but they can't see the Profiles of AFS members unless they are "connected." AFS members must initiate or accept such connections for the connections to go into effect.
Sign in to manage Connections in your Profile menu.

How do I edit my Profile?
Sign in, then use the Edit Bio icon that appears under "Manage Profile" in the Profile menu.

Please remember that you should provide contact information so that AFS may reach you; complete mailing information is necessary to receive the
Journal of American Folklore and other AFS mailings. However, you can choose which information will display to other users of the website with the tick boxes next to the contact information fields.

You can make yourself more accessible to other AFS members by keeping your contact information current, and completing the searchable fields concerned with areas of interest, education and experience.
This section is also where you can control which print mailings you will receive, and whether or not to receive the bi-weekly New in the AFS Review emails.
How do I add my photo to my Profile?
Sign in, then click on Profile Home. Hover over the image where the headshot should appear (ie, "Photo Not Available"), then click on the "add photo" icon that will appear. Use the "browse" button to select your image from your own computer, and be sure to click on "Submit" when you are done.
How do I opt-out/opt-in of AFS mailings?
Options for AFS and folklore-related print mailings, JAF print mailing, and bi-weekly New in the AFS Review emails are in your AFS member profile settings. Sign In, or go to if you have already logged in to the site. Scroll down to the red header that says "Other Information," and click "edit" on the right side of the header.

Under the "Other Information" header, members have the ability to select which AFS and folklore-related print mailings they want to receive, and select whether or not to receive a print copy of JAF. Remember, AFS membership includes digital access to the Journal of American Folklore via Project Muse (for access, members must sign in and then go to Members can also select whether or not to receive the bi-weekly "New in the AFS Review" email. After you update your preferences, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes."

Current members can make changes to these preferences online at any time. Note that we generate mailing lists a few weeks in advance, so you may still receive one more print issue of JAF before your new preferences go into effect.

To further manage which emails you receive from the site, you can use the Edit Bio icon that appears under "Manage Profile" in the Profile menu. Click on "Manage Email Preference" under the "Account Information" heading. Tick the boxes if you want to receive emails from AFS; if you untick the boxes, you will receive NO email from AFS, including important emails sent directly from AFS leadership to all members.
How do I make "My Bio" appear instead of "My Feeds"?
Sign in, then edit your Preferences: untick the box for the last item in the list, "Turn on my wall." Be sure to click on "Save my settings" at the bottom of the screen. To find Preferences, click on Manage Profile in the Profile menu, then find Preferences under "Information and Settings." NOTE: As of February 2015, the "Wall" of "Feeds" has been disabled. Please contact us if you miss this feature.
In my Preferences, what does "Subscribe Newsletter" mean?
A "newsletter" is an email containing all the activity from one day in a forum. You will not receive a "newsletter" unless you "Subscribe to Digest" for an Open or Group Forum.

The control at the bottom of your
Preferences page is a global switch that enables or disables your subscriptions to Open Forums or your private Group forums; it can be used to over-ride all of your subscription settings in one move. So, if you have multiple forum subscriptions, and want to turn them all off, you could use this switch. Furthermore, to receive all of your individual subscriptions, this must be turned on. However, this does not in fact subscribe you to any particular forum -- to subscribe to any forum, public or private, you have to use "subscribe" on the forum pages themselves. See Forums.

How do I find receipts for payments that I have made on the AFS website?
Sign in, then click on Manage Profile in the Profile menu. Scroll down to "Account History" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Receipts for AFS membership dues payments appear under Membership.
  • Donations, of course, will appear under Donations.
  • All other payments will appear under Order History, including annual meeting registration fees and AFS Section dues payments.
  • Event Registrations contains only the record of your registration form, not your registration payment, which is recorded under Order History.
  • Important: Click on the payment type, then change "Filter by status" to "any status." 
Member Directory

Who can use the Member Directory?
The directory includes listings of Section Only and Web Only members as well as members of AFS, but only members of AFS can access the listings.

How do I find the Directory?
Click on Member Services in the main menu; then on Member Directory in the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can use the link you will find in the footer of each page.

How do I find an individual in the Directory?
Sign in. Enter the first or last name of the person you're looking for in the Name field.

How do I find a member's email address?
Once the search returns results, you can hover over a name to see a small window containing a snap-shot of the person's profile, including links to send a message within the AFS website. In this view, you will not see an email address. However, if you click on the name to go straight to the member's profile, you are likely to see the member's email address on their Bio under their name. Note: Members control the information that is displayed in their profile: some members may choose not to list email addresses; other members' profiles lead with the "wall," in which case you should click on the "bio" tab.

AFS Sections

Section Membership

Where do I find more information about AFS section activities and membership?
Click on Sections in the main menu. This contains general information about Sections, as well as link to the list of sections, which connects to public pages describing the specific activities of each individual section.
What online tools are available to AFS sections?
AFS section members may use any of the tools available in the general AFS online community to engage with the general public or all AFS members, but they also have access to "Group" space that is reserved for members of their section. AFS sections may represent their area of interest in the Open Forums, blogs, and custom pages, to which any AFS member can contribute and which all site visitors can read. Additionally, sections may enjoy the privacy of their group space for forums, blogs and custom pages that can only be accessed by the members of their section. You will have to sign in to access your group space; see Groups in your Profile menu.


What is the difference between a section and a discussion group?
There is some overlap between the two terms, but they are not the same. "Discussion groups" exist online, supported by the website "Group" tool. AFS sections may operate as discussion groups, since all AFS sections have been given private online group space, but AFS sections are not defined by the website; their activities may include online discussions, but they are not limited to them. Likewise, the online groups tool may serve discussion groups that have or will come into being without seeking section status.

Sections are special-interest groups that have been recognized by the AFS Executive Board according to Article X of the AFS Bylaws. Many sections support their activities with the collection of annual dues, but some sections do not.

Anyone may join the AFS section online groups; see Join AFS Sections for more information. However, some benefits of section membership, such as receiving print section publications, may be reserved for dues-paying members.


Do I have to be a member of AFS to be a member of a section or discussion group?
No. However, you do have to "join" the AFS website as an AFS member, Section Only member, or Web Only member if you want to participate in the online community. Registration as a Section Only or Web Only member is free.

For administrative purposes, we distinguish between Section Only members (those who pay section dues), and Web Only members (those who pay no dues). Either type may join sections and submit section dues payments; if a Web Only member submits a dues payment, AFS staff will change the membership type to Section Only—this will not affect the member's experience of the site or the section.

How do I join a Section?
Anyone may join AFS sections at any time. As of December 2013, joining sections and submitting section dues are two separate mechanisms, but either path will lead to group membership:
  • Follow the directions at Join AFS Sections to add groups with immediate effect: you can access the private group space and all of its communication tools, even if the section is not currently making use of the space; even if there is no activity in the group space, you will now be included in the group directory, which section conveners will refer to when preparing emails to group members. This path does not include an opportunity to pay dues; we urge all section members to submit section dues annually, either with AFS membership renewal or by submitting payment in the online store, so that sections can continue to fund activities to strengthen the field.

  • When you submit section dues, with your AFS membership or in the online store, AFS staff will make certain that you are a member of the online group. Since that administrative work may take a few days to complete, you may notice a lag for new section registrations. You will receive an email notification when you may access your online groups.
As noted above, you will have to join as an AFS member, Section Only member, or Web Only member if you want to participate in the online community. Registration as a Section Only or Web Only member is free. You will have an opportunity to select sections during the registration process.

How do I join Sections, but not AFS?
Use the Join AFS link that appears on every page, and select the free "Sections Only" membership category; you will be given an opportunity to select sections and submit section dues payments during the registration process.

You may pay dues for each Section, but you will not be required to pay for the Section Only membership. This process also enables you to submit your Profile record, which is technologically necessary in order to participate online.

Your Sections Only membership will not be active until the AFS staff completes the administrative work necessary to configure your profile; this process may take a few days. The Sections Only registration must be renewed annually; Sections Only members will receive renewal notices like AFS members.

Once you have an active Sections Only membership, you can freely add or remove yourself from any AFS section at any time; see
Join AFS Sections for information about adding and managing groups. We urge you to submit dues as suggested by your sections on an annual basis; see Pay Section Dues for help.

Note: Section Only members do not receive the benefits of AFS membership.

How do I join a discussion group, but not AFS or AFS Sections?
At this time, participation in non-Section discussion groups is by invitation only. The process of registration is the same as for Sections, above, but you should register ("join") as a Non-AFS Web Only member. Then, contact us to let us know which discussion group you have been invited to join, so that AFS staff can add you to the group. If you elect to add dues-paying Sections after all, in addition to other discussion groups, your membership will be changed to "Section Only."

I am a member of AFS Sections. How do I renew Sections online?
Renew your Sections at the same time that you renew your AFS or Sections Only membership. Alternatively, you may still join or renew Sections at any time in the online store, or select from the complete list of Sections At a Glance that links to the online store.

Why is the Section renewal tool called the "online store"?
Because we have no choice in the matter.

How do I create a new Section or discussion group?
If you are interested in starting a new AFS Section, contact Executive Director Jessica Turner. If you would like to create a new discussion group, contact Associate Director Lorraine Walsh Cashman.

Section Conveners

What are the duties of a Section Convener?
See Important Information for AFS Section Conveners for information about the Convener's role and responsibilities.

I'm a Section Convener. How do I submit my annual report?
You can find an annual report form on the Section Conveners group home page;
sign in, click on Groups in your Profile menu, and select Section Conveners. The direct link is Please submit your annual report by December 31 each year.

I want to request a payment using Section funds. How do I do that?

Use the
online check request form to request payments for your section. You will need to provide the name and mailing address of the recipient, and the recipient must contact the AFS office to provide a tax identification number. Allow a week to ten days for processing.

Using Group Tools

How do I find the private pages specific to my sections or discussion groups?
Sign in. Click on Groups in your Profile menu to see a list of your current sections or other groups; click on the link to the group space you want to visit.

How do I email my group?
If you want to email an individual, see How do I find a member's email address?

If you want to email the entire group:

Emailing the group is an option available to every group member. In theory, they could reply to your message by signing in and initiating another message in response—but anything that will generate discussion is probably better handled in the forum. See Forums, below.

How do I use other group tools?
See How to Use AFS Group Tools.

AFS Fellows

Who are the AFS Fellows?
See the AFS Fellows page under About AFS/Leadership and Governance.

I am an AFS Fellow. How do I pay my annual dues?
You can submit your Fellows dues at any time. Sign in and see AFS Fellows in the online store. Alternatively, you may submit your Fellows dues at the same time that you renew your AFS membership—you will have an opportunity to add your Fellows dues and/or Sections dues payment to your membership dues payment.

I am an AFS Fellow. How do I make a contribution to the Fellows reception at the Annual Meeting?
Sign in, and see AFS Fellows in the online store. The donation "product" is $25, and the suggested donation is $50; please adjust the quantity in your cart to generate the donation amount that you would like to submit.

Journal of American Folklore

Where can I find information about the Journal?
Go to the JAF page, which can be found under About AFS/Publications in the main menu. The page contains information about how to make submissions, obtain back issues, seek permission to reprint, subscribe, advertise, and gain online access.

How do I access JAF issues from 2001 through the present via Project MUSE?
Project MUSE access to JAF is a benefit of AFS membership. Current members may access Project MUSE by using this link, which will lead to AFS Sign In (unless you are already signed in), then the JAF index in Project MUSE. You can also find the member's link to Project MUSE in the main menu under Member Services/Other Member Services.

How do I access JSTOR’s fully-searchable digital journals?
If you are affiliated with a research library, you may already have access to JSTOR. If not, AFS members may purchase a subscription to JSTOR's back issues of four of the world's major English-language folklore journals: Folklore, the Journal of American Folklore, the Journal of Folklore Research, and Western Folklore. This renewable 12-month subscription, which is available through AFS only to AFS members, may be purchased in the online store for $15/year.

Once your subscription payment is processed, AFS sends your subscriber information to JSTOR; JSTOR customer support will send log in instructions directly to you. If you have trouble with your JSTOR subscription, you may contact JSTOR customer support or; AFS staff will forward your inquiry to JSTOR.


I'm interested in OpenFolklore's "Gray Literature"; I've been directed by the OpenFolklore page to the IUScholarWorks Repository. Now how do I go about browsing the collection?
We have prepared instructions for finding syllabi in the Teaching Resources Collection; the procedure is the same for all the collections in IUScholarWorks.
The Folklore Commons


How do I submit an event?

Email a detailed description, preferably in a Word doc, to


How do I receive notification of new events?
There are three ways to stay in touch with new calendar events:

Career Center

Who can use the Career Center?

Any site visitor can post and search job openings, find potential candidates, and subscribe to new posting notifications. Only AFS members who have signed in may post a CV or view others' CVs.

How do I use the Career Center?
The Career Center page provides basic instructions for use.

How do I receive notification of new openings?

Click on the green check mark labelled "Subscribe" in the Career Center tool bar. You will receive email notification of new postings. When you subscribe, you will be asked to specify the categories you would like to follow.

How do I know if I have successfully subscribed? How do I unsubscribe?
The green "Subscribe" check mark icon on the first page of the Career Center never changes, whether you are subscribed or not. If you are subscribed, when you click on it, you will see tick marks next the categories you previously selected. To unsubscribe, sign in, then click the same "Subscribe" link and uncheck all the boxes; click "Save My Preferences."

What is a Forum?
A forum is a threaded, web-based group discussion. The site distinguishes between "forums" and "topics": there are multiple forums in the site, each dedicated to specific interests and in some cases specific audiences; within each forum there may be one or more "topics." So, for instance, the Cite Unseen forum on the Open Forums page has many topics.

Who can participate in the Forums?
There are two kinds of Forums in the site, though the forum tools covered in this section work the same for either:

I would like to receive email notifications of new posts to a Forum. How do I do that?
Click on any given Forum, like "Exhibitions, Lectures and Performances: Northeast" or "Exhibitions, Lectures and Performances: South," and then, at the top of that Forum page, click on "Subscribe to Instant Updates" in the drop-down Forum Action menu. You will receive an email with a link to the post every time a new topic is added. Alternatively, you can "Subscribe to Digest," which will send a message once a day with all of the day's posts. In either case, you will not receive email notice of replies to the original posts.  If you want to follow discussion of any given topic, click on the topic, then "Subscribe to Instant Updates" (or "Subscribe to Digest") again. In this case, you will receive email notification of all replies to the original post.

How can I tell which forums or topics I've subscribed to?
Sign in; scroll down the Manage Profile page to click on the Subscriptions icon under Community. You can view a list of your subscriptions to site blogs and forums. You can use this page to unsubscribe as well.

How do I unsubscribe?
You can follow the subscription process in reverse (a red x appears in the Forum toolbar after you have subscribed; click on that to unsubscribe from specific forums or topics). Alternatively, you can use your Profile to review and manage all of your subscriptions at once: click here; or sign in, then scroll down the Manage Profile page to click on the Subscriptions icon under Community.
How do I start a new topic in an existing forum?
Click on the forum name, then on the "Post New Topic" icon at the top of the list of topics.

How do I contribute to existing topics?
Use the "Post Reply" icon at the top of the list of topics, or the link to "reply" to the last post; either way, your posting will be added at the bottom of the thread. If you want to reply to a specific comment in a previous message, use the "quote" link on the message you want to highlight. You may edit your own posts after submitting them. Only a site administrator can delete messages; contact if you believe a message should be removed.

How do I start a new Forum?
Email its name and a sentence or two of description to
Lorraine Walsh Cashman for Open Forums, or to your group administrator for group forums.

How do I format/edit my post?
The text editor tool is the same as for Custom Pages (see below); it has buttons for common layout features (indent, bullets, bold, etc.).

Custom Pages

How do I edit a page?
Some pages, including all the pages in the Folklore Wiki, can be edited by members. If so, you will see an "edit this page" button in the top right after you have signed in. When you click on that, you'll get a text editor. The top of the screen has page configuration information that you should leave alone, but below that is a text box with what will probably be fairly familiar looking tools (indent, bullets, bold, etc.).
  • In general, any time that you're adding new text from another source, as opposed to making line edits to what's already there, it's a good idea to start by clicking on the clipboard "paste" icon, which will allow you to "paste from Word" or text; then you can just copy the block from your original file into the paste window; this will avoid some html formatting hassles.
  • To add a link, highlight the link text, then click on the "insert" tab, then the icon labelled "hyperlink" (it looks like a globe with a chain link). Copy the target url to the url field, then click ok.
  • The standard font used throughout the site is Arial, size 2. Currently, the editor defaults to Arial, size 1. If your additions appear too small, highlight your text and select size 2 in the drop-down font size tool. If it still appears too small, select 13px.
  • When you're done with your changes, you will have to assign a "version label"—choose "content update" and add some notes about the changes you made; choose "spelling and grammar correction" only if your edits really are that negligible.
  • Click on Submit.
How do I add a page?
Email text in a Word doc with instructions to Associate Director Lorraine Walsh Cashman. Include the page title, and details about its links to other pages.

AFS Review

What is the AFS Review?
The AFS Review publishes a wide range of materials, including essays, notes, queries, as well as all the materials once included in the AFS Newsletter (news, reports, job postings, program listings, etc.). The goal of the AFS Review is to give us a place to reflect, revise, or refine on the things we do every day that actually instantiate folklore studies in the world, by providing a space to capture the conversations that are already taking place, in various forms of communication, among and by practicing folklorists.

The Review is a publication of AFS which resides within the AFS website ( the latest headlines from the AFS Review appear on the AFS homepage as "New in the AFS Review." Items in the AFS Review have stable urls, and are indexed in order of publication date within each Review category.

How do I submit to the AFS Review?
Please send all AFS Review submissions—including announcements of all kinds, as well as essays, notes and queries, etc.—to the American Folklore Society, preferably as a Word doc. AFS will post news items, and forward essays, etc., to the AFS Review editor.

How do I find items that were published in the AFS Review?
Browse chronologically by Review category, or use the site-wide community search box to search for key terms.

Can I receive/discontinue notification of new posts to the AFS Review?
You will receive notification of updates to the AFS Review if you click on the RSS icon in the upper right corner of the AFS Review screen, then "Subscribe to this feed." The kind of notification you will receive depends on how you manage RSS feeds; likewise, discontinuing your RSS feed depends on your RSS Reader. CNET offers a useful review of RSS Readers.

Currently, AFS sends members an email digest of all posts in the AFS Review every two weeks, or more often if necessary. Please contact us if you would prefer not to receive that email, or sign in, go to Edit Bio in the Profile menu, and look for "Receive AFS Review Digest?" under "Other Information"; tick "No."

News from AFS and the Field

How can I be sure to see all AFS news?
Choose one or more of these options:

  • Check the website at any time. Check:
    • The AFS Review is the hub for news, job openings, and calls for papers. The most recent items appear directly on the AFS homepage.
    • The Annual Meeting page is the hub for all meeting-related information, including a round-up of meeting-related postings to the AFS Review. Find the Annual Meeting page in the main menu, or click on the meeting slide on the AFS homepage.
  • Become a member! AFS sends email messages of all important news directly to members; members also receive a bi-weekly email digest of all postings to the AFS Review and Open Forums. (For opt-out info, see below).
  • Facebook users can read AFS Review postings on the AFS Facebook page, since most Review content is copied there; see
  • Subscribe to the AFS Review RSS feed; see the AFS Review above.

How do I opt out of the "New in the AFS Review" email?
Each email from AFS contains a link at the bottom that will allow you to remove yourself from ALL email from AFS; see Membership/Profile above. If you wish only to remove yourself from the bi-weekly "New in the Review" mailing, go to the Profile menu to select Manage Profile/Edit Bio, and select "No" in the drop-down menu for "Receive AFS Review Digest?" (You can change it back to "Yes" if you change your mind.)


Annual Meeting

Where do I find information about the Annual Meeting?

Look for the current annual meeting page under About AFS/Annual Meeting in the main menu. The Annual Meeting page contains links to all posted information about the annual meeting. As new information is posted over time, new links will be added. For a short cut, click on the Annual Meeting image in our homepage slideshow.

How do I submit a proposal for the annual meeting?
Complete instructions are available as of February 1 each year, when the proposal submission season opens; see the Submitting an Online Proposal link, which will be available on the current year's Annual Meeting page February 1 through March 31 (proposal deadline). Before you begin, read the entire page about submitting an online proposal, and follow the link to the checklist for the type of proposal you want to submit. When you're ready, register for the meeting; your registration payment confirmation page and email will contain a link to the proposal submission system. If you lose the link, contact us.

How are proposals selected for the upcoming meeting?
Read about the Annual Meeting Review Process.

How will I know if my proposal is accepted?
We will send email notifications of the review committee's decisions by early June to all who submit a proposal, and post a preliminary program by the end of June. If you haven't heard from us by the end of June, be sure to
contact us.

Where can I find my registration receipt?
Sign in. In the Profile menu, click on Manage Profile, then scroll down to Account History. You will find a record of your registration form under Event Registrations, and, if you registered online, a receipt for your registration fee payment under "Orders" (change filter status from "open" to "any status.")

How do I withdraw my registration/withdrawal?
Contact us as soon as you know that you will not attend. We will refund your registration fee if you withdraw before August 31, though we will assess a $75 cancellation fee ($35 for students) for presenters who withdraw at any time after proposals have been submitted. If you are scheduled to participate in a panel, please notify the chair as well.

Annual Meeting Troubleshooting
If you run into a problem that isn't so easily resolved as the instructions here, don't worry, but do call or send us an email right away. We'll make sure that all issues involving good-faith attempts to submit proposals on time are sorted out.

I've already registered for the annual meeting, but I didn't submit my proposal. What should I do?
A link to the Submission Portal was included in your registration confirmation email. If you cannot find the link, contact us, and we will give you a link to the proposal form.

General Troubleshooting

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I can't remember my username and/or password.
You can reset your password if you know which email address you provided as your primary email address. Use the "Forgot your password?" link on the Sign In screen. You will need to provide your username or your email address. An e-mail will be sent to that address, which will include a link that you can use to reset your password. However, if you don't know your username, you may not be able to sign in; contact the AFS office by phone or email. AFS staff can remind you of your username and/or email address, or reset your password as you direct. Once you have successfully signed in, you can revise your username or password yourself with "Edit Bio" under "Manage Profile" in the Profile menu.

I tried to reset my password, but I never got the email with the link.

The password reset message is typically sent within a minute.

The most likely explanation for not receiving the message is that your email program identified our message as junk or spam; check your spam folder.

If the message isn't in your spam folder, there may be a problem with the primary email address associated with your profile -- we may have a different address on file. If you have alternate accounts, or have changed your email address in recent years, try checking those in-boxes (and spam folders) if you can.

If you can't find the email, contact the AFS office by phone or email.

AFS staff can remind you of your username and/or email address, or reset your password as you direct. Once you have successfully signed in, you can revise your username or password yourself with "Edit Bio" under "Manage Profile" in the Profile menu.

I registered in the wrong category. What should I do?
If you have overpaid, contact the AFS office by phone or email; tell us which category you should have. We will immediately issue a credit to your credit card for the difference. If you have underpaid, you can re-register in the correct category, submitting a second payment. Email us about the error, and we will void or immediately refund the incorrect charge.

I've followed instructions for joining AFS or AFS Sections, but I can't sign in or access my groups.
Have you received confirmation that your membership has been approved? Joining AFS online is not instantaneous; further administrative work is required by AFS staff which might take as much as a week to complete. You will receive an email that confirms your membership has been approved when your account is accessible. If you have received that confirmation but still can't sign in or access groups, please contact us.

I'm receiving too many email notifications about what people are doing on the website, like updating their profiles.
Sign in; click on Preferences under Manage Profile in the Profile menu. Use the tick boxes to select only the notifications that you do want to receive; click on "Save my Settings."

I signed up for instant updates to a forum, but I'm not receiving email notification of replies to postings.
Most likely, you have subscribed to instant updates for a forum; this has the effect of sending you an email notification whenever anyone adds a new topic. However, if you want to receive notification of replies to any topic, you must also subscribe to instant updates or the digest for the topic itself (see Forums).

I want to receive more/fewer print mailings or emails from AFS, but I can't find the options in my settings.
These options are controlled in your member profile. See the instructions in the Profile section, above. 

I'm receiving redundant email notifications of things like new events and/or job openings. How can I eliminate the redundancies?
AFS staff members post notices of new calendar events and job openings to the AFS Review, and send a bi-weekly email message to all members with recent posts to the AFS Review. If you want to receive only one kind of notification of all events, you should follow the news in the AFS Review.

There are distinct subscription mechanisms for the Calendar, Career Center, and the
AFS Review.

  • You can control the Calendar notifications in your Profile Preferences. Sign in; click on Preferences under Manage Profile in the Profile menu. Untick the box next to "Email me when a community event is added" if you would like to turn it off; click on "Save my Settings."
  • To unsubscribe from the Career Center, click on the green checkmark labelled "Subscribe" on the Career Center page; untick all the categories of jobs that will appear on the next screen, and "Save My Preferences." If no boxes are ticked, you should receive no notifications from the Career Center.
  • A direct subscription to the AFS Review is managed with RSS feeds (see above). The mechanism for unsubscribing depends on your RSS reader.
  • If you want to opt-out of the bi-weekly AFS Review digest, sign in, go to Edit Bio in the Profile menu, and look for "Receive AFS Review Digest?" under "Other Information"; tick "No" and "Save Changes"—or contact us.

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