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Using the 2019 Online Proposal Submission Portal

Vital Information

  1. For the first time, ALL PRESENTERS must submit their own information to AFS, including participants in preorganized sessions. See the AFS Review for more information about this change. See Instructions for Submitting Each Type of Proposal for step-by-step guidance.
  2. Start the process early! You can edit and complete your proposal through March 31, so don’t wait to begin. AFS staff will have more time to assist with technical difficulties in advance of the deadline.
  3. Participants in preorganized session proposals, in particular, should begin their submissions early, because the session chair needs the panelists' submission IDs to complete the session proposal. We recommend that panelists submit a place holder by March 15.
  4. Members receive significant discounts on meeting registration, but it may take additional time to create or renew a membership; join or renew by March 27 to avoid delays.
  5. Read the information below for more information about these points.

Register for the Annual Meeting

To begin, you will register for the 2019 Annual Meeting on the AFS website; you will receive a link to the AFS Proposal Submission Portal in your registration confirmation. The submission portal will allow you to save and edit your proposal any time through the March 31 deadline. The submission system is separate from the AFS website, but AFS staff can help you use it.

Members: You must sign in to register and submit your proposal. Please make sure in advance that you can successfully sign in. If not, allow time to contact AFS during business hours.

Non-members: You don't have to be an AFS member to register for the meeting, but you will enjoy a significant discount on your Annual Meeting registration, as well as other member benefits, if you join AFS. However, the site will not recognize your membership until it has been manually approved by AFS staff; you will receive an email notification when your membership is activated. Please allow a few business days in between joining AFS and submitting your registration/proposal. Join AFS by March 27 if you want to receive the member rate.

It is cheaper to pay both member dues and meeting registration than it is to register as a non-member. Save money — take the time to join AFS before you submit your proposal!

Remember, registration and proposal submission are two completely separate steps, though they are in sequence! Not everyone who registers for the meeting is part of the program, after all. If you are a forum participant, you still have to go to the Submission Portal to submit your personal information for the program!

Find the Online Submission Form

Once you have registered for the meeting, you will get a confirmation webpage and email, each containing a link to the proposal submission system. We advise you to bookmark or make a note of the url on the confirmation webpage, in case the email gets caught in spam filters. If you can’t find the link, contact

Every time that you submit a component of your proposal using the Proposal Submission Portal, you should receive an email confirmation that includes a link back to the portal and your submission. If you don't, you will still be able to view your work in the Submission Summary as long as you can return to the Proposal Portal itself.

Sign Up/Sign In

The first time you use the 2019 Proposal Submission Portal, you must “Sign Up” to register your username and password: use your email as a username, and create a password of your choice. Keep track of the Proposal Submission Portal url and your sign-in information, since you will need them if you want to return to your proposal before the deadline. This system is separate from the AFS website, so your username/password combination may be different.

Whenever you return to the submission portal after the very first time you Sign Up, use “Sign In” with the username and password that you created the first time.

If you forget your password, use the password reset link. If you forget your username, contact

2019 Note: In light of revised data privacy concerns, we have removed 2018 user account data, so all users must start with Sign Up this year. However, your web browser may remember you from last year, and direct you to the "Sign In" page; if so, look for the "Sign Up" link below the Sign In box. This is a one-time issue that should not reoccur when you use the system in the future.

Start a Submission

Read the Welcome page: Be aware that there is one path to submit your proposal for the first time and a different path to re-open your proposal for review or changes.

We strongly suggest that you prepare and keep an offline copy of your proposal as a Word or text document; copy and paste the proposal information into the online proposal form. Avoid composing in the proposal form.

For step-by-step help, see Instructions for Submitting Each Type of Proposal.

Most form fields are not required by the form, but some components are required for your proposal to be considered complete. Proposals that are not complete when the March 31 deadline passes will not be forwarded to the Proposal Review Committee. See Essential Components of a Complete Proposal for the minimum requirements.

When you have entered your data in all the form fields, you will finish by clicking on the "Submit” button at the end of the proposal form. You may hit Submit, even if you know that you must return to the form at a later time. Note that hitting your keyboard's return (aka "enter") key outside a form field will act like hitting Submit. When you hit Submit, you will receive a confirmation email. If you enter data but don’t hit Submit, your changes will be lost.

Edit a Submission

If you want to review or edit your proposal, use the link on the Welcome page. Alternatively, look for your Submission Summary in the drop-down Submissions Menu. You will find a link to each component you have submitted; click on them to re-open your previous submission.

Don’t forget to hit Submit! If you enter data but don’t hit Submit, your changes will be lost.

Withdrawing a Proposal

If you simply wish to start over, sign in, open your proposal, and make any and all changes as needed.

Contact if you want to withdraw your proposal entirely.


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