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2018 AFS Annual Meeting: Program Addendum


Important scheduling notes

  • The program includes paper presentations in both 15-minute and 30-minute blocks, sometimes within a single session; take note of the start times assigned to each paper, since the duration of papers in any given session may vary.
  • Check this addendum every day, or risk unpleasant surprises! Withdrawals affect presentation times, since subsequent papers move forward to fill the gap. We endeavor to record all last-minute withdrawals here, including those received in Buffalo. Late changes will be highlighted in red.

Concessions: The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center concession stand will be open in the lobby, 10:00 am--2:00 pm, Thursday through Saturday, offering coffee, sandwiches, salads and snacks -- one convenient stop for all your lunch-time meeting  and mid-morning/mid-afternoon caffeine needs.

Quiet Room: Room 101A offers tables and seating for those who want to concentrate, meditate or just enjoy some relative peace. Please remove yourself from this room for conversation, phone calls, or any other potentially disruptive activity. Hours necessarily vary each day because of other events scheduled in the room: Thursday, 8:00 am--5:00 pm; Friday, 9:00 am--5:00 pm; Saturday, 10:30 am--3:00 pm

Common Room: Room 106A offers tables and seating for those who are not otherwise engaged, but don’t mind being available to interact with others. Hours necessarily vary each day because of other events scheduled in the room: Thursday, 8:00 am--4:00 pm; Friday, 8:00 am--2:00 pm; Saturday, 8:30 am--3:00 pm

Dinner dance tickets: A limited number of dinner dance tickets are available for purchase at the meeting registration desk.

Information tables:

  • Ask about Accessibility: Stop by to chat with members of the AFS Committee on Accessibility to learn about the AFS initiative to make the Annual Meeting as accessible as possible, including the draft Guidelines for Accessible Presentations, and what you can do to make your presentations accessible to a variety of audience needs. We also invite you to share your ideas on accessibility needs and how to make the meeting more accessible. Lobby, Thursday, 9:00 am–12:45 pm; Friday, 9:00 am–1:45 pm
  • Ask an Archivist: Sponsored by the AFS Archives and Libraries Section. Professional archivists will be on hand to answer your questions about library and archiving issues. Room 101B/C/G, Thursday and Friday, 9:00 am–12:45 pm and 1:30–6:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am–1:00 pm
  • Ask about Grants: Grant Information for Individuals and Groups. Sponsored by the American Folklore Society, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Stop by and chat with grantors from the NEA and NEH, along with members who are grantees of various funding programs, to discuss grant projects, strategies for successful applications, preparing strong narratives and compelling supplements, etc. Room 101B/C/G, Thursday, 11:30 am–4:30 pm; Friday, 1:00–4:30 pm:
    • Thursday, 11:30-1:30: Bill Mansfield (NEA); 1:30-4:30: Cliff Murphy (NEA)
    • Friday, 1:00-3:00: Mary Downs (NEH); 3:00-4:30: Bill Mansfield (NEA)
  • Ask about SIEF: Sponsored by the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore/Société Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore. SIEF Ambassadors Thomas A. McKean (Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen) and Robert Glenn Howard (University of Wisconsin, Madison) will answer your questions about our sister association, the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore. Room 101B/C/G, Thursday and Friday, 2:00–3:00 pm

Online program: Try our online program: we are beta-testing this digital program which can be accessed using a web-browser on any device (desktop and laptop computers, but also hand-held devices). This includes the full schedule with abstracts and indexes, with the ability to search. The online program gives you the ability to copy events or sessions into a calendar of your choice (Google, Outlook, iPhone, etc.). Staff will endeavor to keep this online program updated throughout the meeting.

Conference app: Our service provider delivered the conference app on October 14, too late to be given thorough review; in case of discrepancies between app data and online program content, trust the online program. Content is current through October 12, but won't be updated; for updates, see this online addendum.  The app includes a full schedule and abstracts for a smartphone or tablet; you can save program events to a personal agenda within the app. See more about the app in the AFS Review. (added 11/14/18)

Wireless internet: Standard wireless internet is available throughout the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Select the network BNCC, then open a web browser and select "Convention Center Internet Access" and agree to Terms and Conditions. Bandwidth will not be sufficient for video streaming.

Local Guide: The Local Planning Committee has prepared an invaluable Local Guide, with tips for food close to the hotel and convention center, food and attractions worth a little more trouble, and half- and full-day excursions. A print version will be available at the registration desk, but the online version includes active links for more information, and even an interactive map.



In the event of a paper withdrawal, the presentations following the missing presentation will move up one time slot.

The print program addendum was produced October 12; changes since that time are reflected in red below.

Thursday, October 18

01-01 Withdrawals: Rachel V. González-Martin, Diana N'Diaye (updated 10/16/18)

01-02 Addition: Mark Bender (The Ohio State University), discussant

01-03 Withdrawal: Liu Yaoyao

01-10 Change: Miriam Elhajli (Association for Cultural Equity) will take the place of Kathleen Rivera.

01-11 Change: Akshay Kumar's presentation will be read in absentia by Meghna Anand (Ambedkar University Delhi)

02-02 Addition: Tara Sasiadek (Buffalo Society of Artists); (added 10/12/18)

02-08 Change: presentations by Lora Ann Chaisson and John Pudd Sharp will be read in absentia (added 10/14/18)

02-12 Withdrawal: Erik Aasland. The adjusted schedule is 10:45 am McKean, 11:15 Lanzendorfer, 11:45 discussion (added 10/15/19)

02-15 New Session: A Conversation with Tom Davenport. AFS continues the custom of including a public interview with a senior member of our field at the annual meeting. In this session, Tom Rankin will interview Tom Davenport, filmmaker and Folkstreams founder and director, about his life and work. Sponsored by the American Folklore Society and the AFS Oral History Project. Ballroom.

1:00 pm, New York Traditions Showcase, Withdrawal: Eniko Farkas (added 10/14/18)

03-08 Withdrawal: Hüseyin Aksoy and Mustafa Duman. The adjusted schedule is 2:30 pm Beck, 3:00 discussion.

03-09 Withdrawal: Gemma Koontz (added 10/18/18)

03-13 Withdrawal: Lynne McNeill (added 10/14/18)

03-14 Withdrawal: Rick W. Hill and Chandra F. Maracle


Friday, October 19

04-01 Withdrawal: Diana N'Diaye (added 10/16/18)

04-02 Correction: Session organizer Elinor Levy (Arts Mid-Hudson) has been added as panel chair.

04-05 Withdrawal: Atul Manoj. The adjusted schedule is 9:00 McKeown, 9:15 Deshpande, 9:30 discussion (added 10/18/18)

04-07 Withdrawal: Amanda Holmes. The adjusted schedule is 8:30 Groth, 9:00 White, 9:30 discussion (added 10/16/18)

04-08 Withdrawal: Jessica Cushenberry. The adjusted schedule is 8:00 Moe, 8:30 La Shure, 9:00 Hamer, 9:30 Fiadotava, 9:15 discussion.

04-13 Withdrawal, change and cancellation: Cleto, Seifert and Newman-Stille, withdrawn. Warman moved to 06-12; session cancelled (updated 10/16/18)

04-14 Withdrawal: Xuan Wang. The adjusted schedule is 8:00 Kobayashi, 8:30 Reider, 9:00 Schramm, 9:30 discussion.

12:45 pm Clarification: LGBTQIA+ Section Business Meeting, Room 106D

05-01 Withdrawal: Rachel V. González-Martin

05-07 Change: Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg's paper will be read in absentia.

05-12 Withdrawals: Nataliya Bezborodova, Indaia Whitcombe, and Szanyi. The adjusted schedule is 10:15 Savas, 10:45 Young, 11:15 discussion (updated 10/18/18)

05-15 Withdrawal: "Film: Iran, L.A. Style"; change: 10:15 am, "Film: The Taste of Samanu (40 min.)," presented by Estiri and Rezaei; 11:15 Miller.

06-02 Withdrawal: Gia Anh Thu Phan and Thanh Nhan Ngo. The adjusted schedule is 2:30 Lindahl, 3:00 Ancelet, 3:30 discussion (added 10/16/18)

06-12 Withdrawal and changes: Shen Yan has withdrawn; Li Xiaoning's presentation will be played in absentia; Brittany Warman has been added, Sophia Geng (College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University) will serve as discussant. The adjusted schedule is 2:45 Ward, 3:00 Butcher, 3:15 Patankar, 3:30 Warman, 3:45 Geng and discussion (updated 10/17/18)


Saturday, October 20

8:00 am Fellows Breakfast change: Marsha MacDowell will take the place of Diana N'Diaye (added 10/17/18)

07-03 Withdrawal: Winifred Lambrecht

07-13 Change: J. Imlikala Ao's presentation will be read in absentia by Hemchandra Nameirakpam (Ambedkar University).

08-01 Withdrawal: Rachel V. González-Martin

08-02 Withdrawal: Leslie Soble. The adjusted schedule is 10:45 Long, 11:15 Anand, 11:30 discussion (added 10/14/18)

12:45 pm New event: Working Group on Folklore and Rural/Local Journalism Meeting—An Exploratory Conversation. Bring your lunch to this brainstorming session for a possible working group on rural/local journalism and media. Folklorists’ work interacts with community documentation projects and also with regional and national public spheres. How is our work connected to the news and to what gets left out of the news? How might news media be better deployed to create access, justice, and mutual visibility among communities, and what kind of business model could sustain this? Might the folklore-journalism nexus give us ideas for new curricula and career paths in public folklore? All are welcome. Room 105.

09-05 Withdrawal: James F. Abrams. The adjusted schedule is 2:00 Miller, 2:30 Turner, 3:00 Sellers, 3:15 discussion.

09-07 Withdrawals: David F. García and Luis Sagredo-Castillo (added 10/16/18)

09-10 Change: Sarah Craycraft's paper will be read in absentia.

09-11 Withdrawal: Peter Jan Margry

6:00 pm Change: The title of the Presidential-Invited Lecture has been changed to "Reporting the Rural in the Digital Age of Inequality."


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