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2016 AFS/ISFNR Joint Meeting: Program Addendum


Changes that have been made since the Addendum was printed are highlighted in red underline.

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In the event of a paper withdrawal, the presentations following the missing presentation will move up one time slot.

Wednesday, October 19

12:00--2:00 pm, Addition: Folklore Fellows Advisory Committee meeting, Orchid D

01-04 Schedule change: "Pasts and Futures of (Folk) Narratives" panel has moved to 11-08, Saturday, 2:00--4:00 pm

01-16 Withdrawal: Psyche Z. Ready is unable to attend; Joanna Spanos will read her paper.

01-16 Withdrawal: Marilena Papachristophorou has left the first slot; all papers move forward 30 minutes.

02-03 Changes: Patricia Jaeggi has withdrawn; Marianthi Kaplanoglou is unable to attend, but her paper will be presented in absentia; Lee Haring will serve as chair and discussant.

02-15 Withdrawal: Erika Romero; discussion begins at 3:15.

02-16 Withdrawal: Alf Arvidsson; Hovi will present at 3:15.

02-17 Withdrawal: Éva Pócs; Merili Metsvahi will serve as chair.

Thursday, October 20

03-09 Changes: Elizabeth Gilbert is unable to attend; Luke Patterson will read her paper. Virginia S. Fugarino has left the second slot; Jacobs and Bula move forward 30 minutes.

03-11 Withdrawal: James Abrams has left the second slot; Miyake and discussion move forward 30 minutes.

03-14 Change: Petr Janeček is unable to present, but his paper will be presented in absentia. (update 11/15/16)

04-05 Withdrawal: Lowell Brower is unable to attend, but his paper will be presented in absentia; Bill Westerman has withdrawn;  Jelena Markovic has withdrawn, but Natasa Polgar will present their co-authored paper.  The line-up is Brower, 10:15, Kirin 10:45, and Polgar 11:15, with discussion following. (update 11/18/16)

04-14 Withdrawal: Ahmet Keskin has left the first slot; Frog, Roper and Laudun move forward 30 minutes. (updated 11/17/16)

04-16 Withdrawal: Linda Kinsey Spetter has left the third slot; La Shure will start at 11:45 am. (update 11/18/16)

04-17 Withdrawal: Gabriel A. Berlinger. Clarification: "The Sukkah for Social Change Project" is in Tuttle South.

12:45-1:45 Clarification: The ISFNR Belief Narrative Network Committee will meet in Orchid A. This meeting is for BNN Committee members only. Everyone is welcome to attend the general meeting of the Belief Narrative Network, Saturday, 2:00-4:00 pm, in Orchid C.

05-02 Withdrawal: Lis-Mari Hjortfors (update 10/31/2016)

05-07 Change: Olivia Cadaval and Martha Gonzalez are unable to attend; Alexandro D. Hernández (Occidental College/UCLA) will join the panel. Sabrina Motley will serve as chair.

05-16 Change: Levi Gibbs is unable to attend; Tim Thurston will read his paper.

7:15-8:30 pm Addition and Room change: Kim Lau will join the AFS and ISFNR Conversation on the Future of International Folk Narrative Studies, which will meet in Orchid C.

7:30-8:30 pm Room change: The Public Programs Business Meeting will take place in Tuttle North/Center, just inside Monroe/Flagler. The mixer that follows will take place in Monroe/Flagler, as printed in the program book.

Friday, October 21

06-04 Change: Amitai Zachary E. Malone can't attend, but his paper will be presented in absentia.

06-08 Withdrawal: Anna Hamilton

06-09 Title CorrectionKhunai Nancy Key, "Untold Past, Untold Stories:  Revisiting the Narratives of Head Hunting in Naga Culture"

06-17 Withdrawal: Gabriel A. Berlinger 

12:45-1:45 Clarification:  The AFS Folklore Latino, Latinoamericano, y Caribeño Section will meet with the AFS Chican@ section in Gardenia.

08-05 Title Change: Patterson and Benedetti, "On a Wing and a Prayer and a Shoestring":
Developing the Ohio Arts Council fieldwork projects (1977-1982) in the Center for Folklore Studies Archives at Ohio State University

08-08 Withdrawal: Victoria Somoff; Time changes: each presenter will now take 20 minutes: 2:00 Kaliambou; 2:20 Denton; 2:40 Koehler; 3:00 Schmiesing; 3:20 Miele; 3:40 discussion.

08-09 Change: Leah Lowthorp is unable to attend; Valdimar Hafstein will read her paper, and Ozkul Cobanoglu will serve as chair.

08-12 Change: Margaret Bennett is unable to attend, but her presentation will take place in absentia; Síle De Cléir will serve as chair.

08-19 Change: Jessica Doble is unable to attend; Betty Belanus will make Doble's presentation in her absence.

7:30-10:30 pm Clarification: The AFS Women's Section business meeting and Croning are in Hibiscus A.

Saturday, October 22

09-02 Withdrawal: Gabriel A. Berlinger

09-03 Withdrawal: Charitie Hyman has left the first slot; all papers move forward 30 minutes.

09-05 Change: Teresa Keeler is unable to attend; Kerry Kaleba will read her paper and serve as chair.

09-12 Withdrawal: Makato Yokomichi has left the first slot; all papers move forward 30 minutes.

09-14 Withdrawal: Clarissa West-White has left the second slot; Sherrod and Addison move forward 30 minutes.

09-17 Withdrawal: David Rotman has left the second slot; Salamon and Bendix move forward 30 minutes.

10-02 Change: Alan Jabbour is unable to attend; Henry Glassie will serve as chair and discussant.

10-9 Withdrawal: Ian Russell; Ian Brodie will serve as chair.

10-10 Change: Misha Rai will present a short paper, leaving remaining time for discussion.

10-12 Change: David Wilder has withdrawn; Linda Lee will participate instead.

12:45-1:45 pm Addition: MAFA (Mid Atlantic Folklife Association) Brown Bag in Orchid C (update 11/15/16)

11-02 Withdrawal: Dimitri Devyatkin

11-04 Change: Ziying You is unable to present, but her paper will be presented in absentia.

11-05 Withdrawal: Timothy Barber

11-06 Room change: "Unfinished Drafts: Folk Narratives Revise Themselves as Town Meets Gown" will meet in Orchid A (update 11/18/16)

11-11 Clarification: The ISFNR Belief Narrative Network will meet in Orchid C; this meeting is open to all.

11-12 Withdrawal: Diane Williams has left the first slot; all papers move forward 30 minutes.

11-13 Room change: "Creolization in Folklore's Future" will meet in Gardenia. (updated 11/18/16)

11-17 Withdrawal: Luisa Del Giudice has left the second slot; Clemente and Zinni move forward 30 minutes.

11-18 Addition: Mabel Cuesta (University of Houston). In addition, a dramatic adaptation of the short story Suandénde by Lydia Cabrera will be presented as part of the program in collaboration with The Miami Dade College Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance featuring the work of the following artists: Jorge Luis Morejon (Director/Choreographer), Maria Lopez (Assistant Choreographer), Michelle Grant-Murray (Program Director), Shanna Woods (Storyteller), Erika Loyola (Woman), Adam Lara (Suandende), Luis Naleiro (Jealous Man).

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