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AFS Review: Notes

Transnational Asian and Pacific Folklore at the 2017 AFS Annual Meeting

Thursday, October 12, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rosalind V. Rini Larson
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By Charles La Shure and Yuko Nakamura (Co-conveners of the Transnational Asia/Pacific Section) — 

Below we have compiled a list of panels, paper presentations, and other events that may interest the current and potential section members. (In particular, take note of our section business meeting on Thursday afternoon and our reception on Friday evening.) While this list is not comprehensive, we conveners hope that it helps you navigate the 2017 annual meeting. If you are interested in the section members’ general research interests, please see our research profiles. Those interested in joining the section can contact Charles at, or in person at the meeting.


Thursday, October 19


01-10: “Women, Migration, and Expressivity”
Wayzata Bay
Chair: Sheila Bock (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

“Sikhs in the City: Women, Relations, and Religious Ritual in an Internal Indian Diaspora”
Amanda Randhawa (The Ohio State University)

01-14: “Medieval Women: Strength and Struggle in Medieval Women’s Faith Journey Narratives”
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Theresa A. Vaughan (University of Central Oklahoma)

“Mothers of the Believers: Influential Women in Seventh-Century Islam”
Heather Hoyt (Arizona State University)

01-15: “Cardinal Points: Four Key Themes in Studying Dance as Folklore”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Eric César Morales (Indiana University)

“Choreopoetics and the Tahitian Arioi: Narrating History through Dance”
Eric César Morales (Indiana University)


02-09: “The China-U.S. Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritage Project: Retrospects and Prospects”
Spring Park
Chair: Jason Baird Jackson (Mathers Museum of World Cultures)

C. Kurt Dewhurst (Michigan State University Museum)
Carrie Hertz (Museum of International Folk Art)
Wenhong Luo (Yunnan Nationalities Museum)
Marsha MacDowell (Michigan State University Museum)
Lijun Zhang (Anthropological Museum of Guangxi)

02-10: “Rethinking Our Discipline”
Wayzata Bay
Chair: Jennifer Schacker (University of Guelph)

“What Can Folklorists Learn from Conceptualizations of Tradition in Anthropology of Islam?”
Ehsan Estiri (The Ohio State University)

02-12: “Reconstructing ‘Past’ and ‘Local’”
Lake Calhoun
Chair: Levi S. Gibbs (Dartmouth College)

“Between Here and There: Sung Personae and the Engagement of Self and Other”
Levi S. Gibbs (Dartmouth College)

02-15: “Negotiating National Identity in Socialist and Post-Socialist Settings through Story, Proposition, and Wisdom”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Erik A. Aasland (Azusa Pacific University)

“Looking to Kazakh Proverbs to Situate the Nation”
Erik A. Aasland (Azusa Pacific University)

02-16: “Modernity, Resilience and Change”
Lake Harriett
Chair: Christofer Michael Johnson (The Ohio State University)

“Musical Legacies of the Mirasis of Bikaner: An Analysis of a Vanishing Tradition”
Anahita Batra (Ambedkar University, Delhi)

“The Interaction between Temple Fair and Village Community: A Case Study on the Temple Fair in Southeastern of Shanxi Province”
Jiachang Yao (Feng Jicai Institute of Literature and Art, Tianjin University)

“Gadia Lohars of India and Their Negotiations with Modernity: A Nomadic Community in Question”
Simran (Ambedker University Delhi)


Transnational Asia/Pacific Section Business Meeting
Gray’s Bay


03-10: “Community Limits: Definitions, Paradoxes, Vernaculars and Borders”
Wayzata Bay
Chair: Tom Mould (Elon University)

“Defining Community on a Japanese Island”
Michael Dylan Foster (University of California, Davis)

03-15: “Resistance, Reclamation, and Resilience in Indian Folklore”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Amit Singh (Ambedkar University Delhi)

“Re-Creation of Narratives at Braj, India: Where Narratives Take a Fresh Breath”
Tulika Chandra (Shiv Nadar University)

“Haryanvi Folksongs and the Jat Community: Investigating the Sites of Resistance”
Muskan Dhandhi (Ambedkar University, Delhi)

“Chikankari of Lucknow: Delicate Motifs and the Resilience of a Traditional Craft”
Meetali Srivastava (Ambedkar University Delhi)

“Baluchari Sari and Epic Narrative: Resurrection and Reclamation”
Srijoni Dey (Ambedkar University, Delhi)

“Retelling Rama’s Story through the “Little” Traditions of Ramlila in India: A Study of the Sacred in Folk Imagination”
Amit Singh (Ambedkar University Delhi)


Friday, October 20


04-12: “Landscapes, Supernatural Powers and the Imagination of Communities”
Lake Calhoun
Chair: Yuanhao Zhao (The Ohio State University)

“The Ecology of Martyrdom”
Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby (University of Kentucky)

“Female Shapeshifters and Marriage Practices: A Close Reading of Xihaigu’s Folktales from Central China”
Mario de Grandis (The Ohio State University)

“‘Lotus Aloft’: Building Global Audience Communities of Buddhist Imagination through Dance”
Lanlan Kuang (University of Central Florida)

“Imagined Landscape: Understanding Allah in Narratives about Lethal Supernatural Powers”
Yuanhao Zhao (The Ohio State University)

04-13: “Material Culture”
Lake Nokomis
Chair: Chris Goertzen (University of Southern Mississippi)

“Musical Snakes: An Analysis of the Decorative Motifs on Ainu Tonkori Instruments”
Jessica Alice Krawec (Western Kentucky University)

04-15: “Worship, Belief, and the Sacred”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Anika Wilson (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

“Like a General, Like an Official: The Worship of General Li Mi in Southwest of China”
Wu Zhou Yang (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

“Chinese and Filipino Folk Traditions in Contemporary Bohol, Philippines Catholic Life”
Beverly Joan Butcher (New York Institute of Technology, Nanjing)


05-04: “Women of Color and Folklore”
Deer Lake
Chair: Norma E. Cantú (Trinity University)

Discussant: Fariha I. Khan (University of Pennsylvania)

05-07: “Reconsidering Culture and Folk Narratives”
Chair: Elissa R. Henken (University of Georgia)

“Om, Let’s Begin: Orality in Alai’s The Song of King Gesar
Laura Pearce (The Ohio State University)

05-10: “Folklore and Gender II”
Wayzata Bay
Chair: Semontee Mitra (Penn State Harrisburg)

“Divine Feminine in Hindu Scriptures”
Semontee Mitra (Penn State Harrisburg)

05-12: “Banquet, Temple Fair, and Village Theater in Luoyang, China”
Sponsored by the Transnational Asia/Pacific Section
Lake Calhoun
Chair: Juwen Zhang (Willamette University)

“Modern Inheritance and Cultural Value Reconstruction of Luoyang’s Water Banquet”
Zhiyin Xu (Henan University of Science and Technology)

“Reconstruction of the Cultural Space of the Temple Fair in the Process of Chinese Urbanization”
Anxia Cheng (Henan University of Science and Technology)

“Abandonment and Regeneration: A Study on the Present Situation of Rural Stage in Luoyang”
Jing Liang (Henan University of Science and Technology)

“The Fengshui Space in Folk Narratives in a Hakka Village in China”
Li Zhang (Beijing Normal University)

05-13: “Material Culture of Religion and Belief”
Lake Nokomis
Chair: Mayuri Pralhad Patankar (Delhi University)

“Producing Sacred Purity in Hindu Homes in the United States”
Puja Sahney (State University of New York, Albany)

“Venerating Ravana: The “Demon-King” of the Ramayana in Gondi Folk Beliefs”
Mayuri Pralhad Patankar (Delhi University)

05-15: “Religious Transformation and Preservation”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Natalie Kononenko (University of Alberta)

“Modernity in Indonesia: An Analysis of Villagers’ Interpretations of Kuda Lumping, the Ritual of ‘Possession’”
Ryo Araki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)


06-02: “Presenting Muslim Traditional Culture: Perceptions of Islam and Community Self-Presentation”
Ballroom 4
Chair: Brent Björkman (Western Kentucky University)

Osman Ali (Somali Museum)
William G. Lockwood (University of Michigan)
Virginia Siegel (Western Kentucky University)

06-08: “The Hero Re-Created: Different Perspectives on Folklore Characters around the World”
Crystal Lake
Chair: Charles Douglas La Shure (Seoul National University)

“From Con Man to Hero of the People: How Kim Sŏndal is Portrayed in North Korea”
Charles Douglas La Shure (Seoul National University)

06-12: “Festivals and Public Performance”
Lake Calhoun
Chair: Sophia Geng (College of Saint Benedict/St. John's University)

“Celebrating Chineseness In and Beyond Cultural Boundaries: The Emergence of Chinese New Year Celebration in Newfoundland as the Ethnic and the Public”
Mu Li (Southeast University)

“A Touristic Ethnic Festival and Meaning-Making in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China: Local Perspectives and Practices”
Jing Li (Gettysburg College)

06-13: “Reclamation and Preservation”
Lake Nokomis
Chair: Caitlin Rimmer (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

“Activating Educated Illiterates: An Attempt at Archiving Orally Inherited Ritual Chants among the Lisu in Northern Thailand”
Masao Ayabe (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

“A Graphic Presentation and Preservation of Vietnamese Storytelling Music”
Thanh Nhàn Ngô (Temple University)
Gia Anh Thu Phan (Temple University)

“Recreating and Reclaiming the History of the Intermountain Indian School through Legend-Tripping”
Carlos Guadarrama (Utah State University)

06-14: “Hard Thinking about Hard Drinking: Community and Controversy in the Production and Consumption of Alcohol”
Lafayette Bay
Chair: James B. Seaver (Indiana University)

“The ‘Communication Drink’: Fieldwork and Passing around Otoori”
Katharine Schramm (Indiana University)

06-15: “Religion and Belief in Shifting Contexts”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Senganglu Thaimei (University of Delhi)

“The Tales of the Gods: Identity and Religious Reformation of the Zeliangrong Nagas”
Senganglu Thaimei (University of Delhi)


Transnational Asia/Pacific Section Reception
Clockwerks Brewing taproom, 25 North 4th Street (; Charles will be leading a group to the venue from the conference hotel lobby at 5:20.


Saturday, October 21


07-07: “Ecological Consciousness”
Chair: Tim W. Frandy (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

“Folk Narratives of Naming the Rivers in Bangladesh: Resistance and Co-Existence of Human Being with Nature”
A.S.M. Abu Dayen (Jahangirnagar University)

“Hindi Folk Songs and Ecological Consciousness”
Rashmi Attri (Aligarh Muslim University)

07-09: “Public and Applied Folklore I”
Spring Park
Chair: Nikki Lee Cox (University of Oregon)

“A New Social Relationship Produced by Folklore Tourism: A Case Study of Folklore Tourism of Pinggu District in Beijing”
Xiaoning Li (Shandong University)

07-14: “Traditions in Transition: Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia”
Sponsored by the Transnational Asia/Pacific Section
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Ziying You (The College of Wooster)

“Notes of Resistance: The Renaissance of Sikh Liturgical Music”
Francesca Cassio (Hofstra University)

“Mak Yong, UNESCO ‘Masterpiece’: Negotiating the Intangibles of Cultural Heritage and Politicized Islam in Malaysia”
Patricia Hardwick (Hofstra University)

“‘Receiving Aunties’: Feudal Superstitions as Intangible Cultural Heritage in China”
Ziying You (The College of Wooster)

“What Did Confucius Eat? China’s Struggle with Culinary Heritage”
Philipp Demgenski (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, France)


08-09: “Public and Applied Folklore II”
Spring Park
Chair: Mark Miyake (Western Washington University)

“Being Away from the Community or Return: Chinese Folk Arts Programs (1949-2016)”
Lei Cai (Wuhan University)

08-13: “Mediated Diasporic Identities, Part II: Community Preservation”
Lake Nokomis
Chair: Joseph Sciorra (Queens College, City University of New York)

“War Stories: Afghan Memories of Migration and Home”
Benjamin Gatling (George Mason University)

“Unity and Identity through Cultural Heritage Preservation Using Social and Advanced Media Technology: The Pacific Islander Diaspora in the United States as a Case Study”
Cecilia Salvatore (Dominican University)

08-14: “Preservation of Architectural Tradition of Villages in China”
Sponsored by the Transnational Asia/Pacific Section
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Jiang Lu (Eastern Michigan University)

“Family Clan, Popular Religion, and the Spatial Configuration of a Village: Luozhou Village in Fujian”
Zhisen Lin (Fuzhou University)

“Tulou, the Eternal Communal Dwelling”
Jiang Lu (Eastern Michigan University)

“The Preservation of Cultural Tradition in the Architecture of the Elunchun People”
Hui Ma (Haerbing Institute of Technology)

“The Beautiful Countryside”
Jin Feng (Lawrence Technological University)

08-15: “Counternarratives”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Incoronata (Nadia) Inserra (University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa)

“Re-Evaluating Feminine Identity in Rajput Folk Narratives of Bilaspur: An Analytical Study of Rukamani Kund and Its Lore”
Tamanna Chandel (Ambedkar University, Delhi)


09-05: “Performing Resistance, Reclamation and Re-Creation in Communities through Traditional and Innovative Expressive Arts”
Elk Lake
Chair: Milbre E. Burch (University of Missouri)

“An Oral Epic from South India Reaches Canada: It Is Being Retold but Now Given New Meanings That Reflect Today’s Immigrant Issues”
Brenda E.F. Beck (University of Toronto)

09-10: “Elliott Oring on Humor: Considerations, Applications, Interrogations”
Wayzata Bay
Chair: Greg Kelley (University of Guelph-Humber)

“Appropriate Incongruity and Ludic Modernism in China’s Tibet”
Timothy Thurston (Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage)

09-14: “Asian/Asian American Folklore Identity in the Age of Trump”
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Fariha I. Khan (University of Pennsylvania)

Mu Li (Southeast University)
Tom Green (Texas A&M University)
Misha Rai (Florida State University)
Juwen Zhang (Willamette University)

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