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AFS Review: Notes

Nordic and Baltic Folklore at the 2017 AFS Annual Meeting

Tuesday, October 10, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rosalind V. Rini Larson
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By Amber Rose (Nordic-Baltic Section Co-Convener) — 

Welcome to your Nordic-Baltic guide to the 2017 meeting of the American Folklore Society! This guide gathers together special events, panels of interest (whose foci or a significant portion of panelists are Nordicists or Balticists), and individual talks that may be of interest to our members. Click here for a pdf version of this guide.

We’ve tried to be comprehensive and precise, but the program is subject to change and it’s possible we’ve overlooked a session or talk—in which case, we apologize.

Please especially note the section business meeting, on Friday from 12:45pm–1:45pm.

Wednesday, October 18


Tour: “Markets and Communities”
Notes: Preregistration required; Bus picks up at main entrance


Opening Ceremony
Ballroom 1/2
Announcement of American Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship Recipients


Thursday, October 19


01-05: “Vernacular Religion on the Move: Routes and Roots of Religious Life In and Out of Norway”
Elk Lake
Chair: Dirk Johannsen (University of Oslo)

“How to Become a Saint or a Sorcerer—Vernacular Ideologies in 19th-Century Norway”
Dirk Johannsen (Univ. of Oslo)

“Wonders and Wanderers”
Line Esborg (Univ. of Oslo)

“Retelling Religious Past: Routes and Roots of Neo-Pagan Movements in Norway”
Ane Ohrvik (Univ. of Oslo)

“Old Saints and New Pilgrims on the Move: St. Olav, St. Cuthbert, and Contemporary Currents in Anglo-Nordic Pilgrimage”
Marion Bowman (Open Univ.; Univ. of Oslo)

01-07: “Folklore and Aging: The Expressive Lives of Older Adults, Part I”
Chair: Lisa L. Higgins (Missouri Folk Arts Program; University of Missouri)

“Costume and Continuity in an Aging Baltic Diaspora Community”
Mathilde Lind (Indiana University)

01-14: “Medieval Women: Strength and Struggle in Medieval Women’s Faith Journey Narratives”
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Theresa A. Vaughan (University of Central Oklahoma)

“‘Birgitta’s Heart Is a Pot of Delicious Food’: A Vision of Balancing the Spirit and the World”
Judith Lanzendorfer (Univ. of Findlay)


02-12: “Reconstructing ‘Past’ and ‘Local’”
Lake Calhoun
Chair: Levi S. Gibbs (Dartmouth College)

“The Storyteller From, In, and Of the Community: The Different Profiles of Carl Bergkvist”
Alf Arvidsson (Umeå University)

02-14: “Medieval Women: Foodways and Food Fears”
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Judith Lanzendorfer (University of Findlay)

“A Woman’s Weapon: Poison and Witchcraft in Medieval Scandinavian Folklore”
Amber J. Rose (Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison)


Friday, October 20


04-02: “Fake News, Part III: Figures of Division in European Politics”
Ballroom 4
Chair: Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State University)

“The Polish Plumber and the Faceless Bureaucrat: Bogeys and Attributions of Belief in European Union Politics”
Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State Univ.)

“Folklore Applied, or the Making of the President in Belarus”
Anastasiya Astapova (Univ. of Tartu)

“Beyond the Café/Pub Split: Vernacular Narrative Practice Concerning the ‘Refugee Crisis’ in the Post-Truth Czech Republic”
Petr Janeček (Charles Univ., Prague)

04-07: “Constructions of the Local”
Chair: Michael Largey (Michigan State University)

“Neo-Lamenters and Traditional Karelian Lament: Why Does Anyone Need Lamenting?”
Elia Stepanova (Univ. of Helsinki)

04-08: “Lumberjack Songs and Songcatchers in the Upper Midwest”
Crystal Lake
Chair: James P. Leary (University of Wisconsin, retired)

“Michael Dean: Indefatigable Irish-Minnesotan Singer and Songcatcher”
Brian Miller (Eoin McKiernan Library)

“In Frenzy’s Footsteps”
Gretchen Dykstra (independent)

“Scandihoovian Lumberjacks: Songs, Songcatchers, Sources, Significance”
James P. Leary (Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison (ret.))

04-11: “Refugees, Migration and Immigration”
Excelsior Bay
Chair: William Westerman (New Jersey City University)

“Migration, Folk Traditions, and Contemporary Sweden”
Barbro Klein (Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study)

04-15: “Worship, Belief, and the Sacred”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Anika Wilson (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

 “Oral Poetry, Authority, and Religious Change: Mythic Discourse in Re-Creating Communities”
Frog (Univ. of Helsinki)


Nordic-Baltic Section Business Meeting
All members should attend. Please note that this meeting occurs during lunch time.


06-07: “Music, Identity, and the Nordic-American Experience”
Chair: B. Marcus Cederström (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

“Militant Pacifists: Swedish-American IWW Poetry and Song during WWI”
B. Marcus Cederström (Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison)

“‘Candles on Her Head—That Seems Safe’: Saint Lucia Concerts at Augustana College”
Jason Schroeder (Scandinavian Cultural Center (PLU))

“The Kitchen Sink Approach: Marion Nelson and the Norwegian American Folk Music Festival”
Anna Rue (Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison)

“The Performance of American Working-Class Identity among Working-Class Finns”
Nathan Gibson (Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison)

06-15: “Religion and Belief in Shifting Contexts”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Senganglu Thaimei (University of Delhi)

“Reclaiming the Pagan Past: The Neo-Pagan Revival of the Æcerbot and Early Medieval Charms”
Gregory Vaillancourt (The Ohio State University)


Nordic-Baltic Folklore Section Reception with Live Music by Finn Hall


Saturday, October 21


Tour: “Community Cultural Anchors: Neighborhood Foodways”
Preregistration required; Bus picks up at main entrance


07-05: “Repression and Resistance”
Elk Lake
Chair: David A. McDonald (Indiana University)

“Narratives of Past and Present Military Presence beyond Community”
Elo-Hanna Seljamaa (Univ. of Tartu)

“Following a “Sticky” Category in the Folklore Archive: The Emergence, Formation, Consolidation, and Agency of the “Traveller”/“Tattare” Category in a Swedish Archival Collection”
Charlotte Hyltén-Cavallius (Institute for Language and Folklore)

07-06: “Museums and Cultural Centers Community (Dis)Engagement and Essentially Becoming Essential”
Sponsored by the American Folklore Society and the American Swedish Institute
Chair: Scott Pollock (American Swedish Institute)

Bart Buch (In The Heart Of The Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre)
Ingrid Nyholm Lange (American Swedish Institute)
Mai Vang (Hmong Museum)

This forum ends early, as the conversation will continue over coffee or tea and pastries at three locations that are directly engaged in these issues, on the “Community Cultural Anchors: A Neighborhood Foodways Tour.”

07-15: “Songs and Struggles”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Catherine H. Kerst (American Folklife Center, retired)

“‘Coffee Was Good’: Coffee Songs and Swedish Modernities”
Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius (Swedish Performing Arts Agency)


08-05: “Re-Seeing Folklore Genres”
Elk Lake
Chair: Wolfgang Mieder (University of Vermont)

“Making the Case for the Seal Wife: A Look at the Tale Type Indices”
Samantha Crain (Univ. of Minnesota)

“Memorates, Memes, Gossip, and Ballads: Narrating a Local Criminal’s Escapades”
Hilary-Joy V. Virtanen (Finlandia University)

08-09: “Public and Applied Folklore II”
Spring Park
Chair: Mark Miyake (Western Washington University)

 “Inspiration or Appropriation: Museum Licensing Programs”
arrie Hertz (Museum of International Folk Art)

“Heritagelore: Museums and the Manner in which Heritage Might Be Understood in a Trialectic Framework of Place, Materiality, and Mobility”
Lizette Gradén & Tom O’Dell (Lund University)

08-10: “Sami Media for Representation, Resistance and Revitalization”
Wayzata Bay
Chair: Thomas DuBois (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

“Politics, Media, and Stereotypes in Kirste Paltto’s Gávdnui Guhkkin Váris
John Prusynski (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison)

“Engaging Commercial Music as a Means of Advancing a Sámi Agenda”
Thomas A. DuBois (Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison)

“Revitalizing Media? Language and Self-Representation in Participatory Media”
Coppélie Cocq (Umeå University)

“The Net and the Knitting of a Decolonizing Web”
Moa Sandström (Umeå University)


09-06: “Reiterations of Folklore/The Persistence of Folklore”
Chair: Priscilla A. Ord (McDaniel College, retired)

“Walter Anderson’s Law of Self Correction? ‘The Princess on the Glass Mountain’ in Latvian Literary and Film Tradition”
Guntis Šmidchens (Univ. of Washington)

09-10: “Elliott Oring on Humor: Considerations, Applications, Interrogations”
Wayzata Bay
Chair: Greg Kelley (University of Guelph-Humber)

“Joking about (the Fear of) Joking”
Anastasiya Astapova (Univ. of Tartu)

09-13: “Crafting Transitions: Creating Community through Refugee Arts Groups”
Lake Nokomis
Chair: Sallie Anna Steiner (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Amber Dodge (independent)
Steven Hatcher (Idaho Commission on the Arts)
Lynne Williamson (Connecticut Historical Society)

09-16: “The Currents of Capitalism”
Lake Harriet
Chair: Jeremy Stoll (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

“Fairy Tale Branding: Reawakening the ‘Sleeping Beauties’ of Haute Couture”
Johanna Zanon (Univ. of Oslo)

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