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AFS Review: Notes

Public Folklore at the 2017 AFS Annual Meeting

Monday, October 9, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rosalind V. Rini Larson
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By Selina Morales and Thomas Grant Richardson (conveners, Public Programs Section) — 

The following panels, meetings, and events are highlighted as either sponsored by the Public Programs Section or of potential interest to those working or desiring to work in public folklore. Public folklore shares much crossover interest and activity with museum practice, education and other areas. We are not going to cover all the good material focused on those areas, but do encourage participation in those sections. As well, we want to call attention to the programs planned by the Cultural Diversity Committee, their sessions are outlined in the front of the AFS annual meeting program book.


From Thursday through Saturday

9:00am–12:45pm and 1:30pm–6:00pm

"Ask An Archivist or Public Folklorist"
Ballroom 3 [Book Room]


Thursday, October 19 


01-06: "A Critical Forum on the Concept and Practice of Conducting Folklife Surveys”
Sponsored by the Public Programs
Chair: Thomas Richardson (independent)

Josh Chrysler (independent)
Hannah Davis (independent)

01-07: "Folklore and Aging: The Expressive Lives of Older Adults, Part I"
Chair: Lisa L. Higgins (Missouri Folk Arts Program; University of Missouri)

"Boot Lasts and Basket Lists: Joe Patrickus’s Customized Art and Life”
Lisa L. Higgins (Missouri Folk Arts Program; University of Missouri)

"The Folk Art of Nathaniel Barrow”
Richard Burns (Arkansas State University)

"Rag Rugs and the Creativity of a Senior Weaver”
Yvonne R. Lockwood (Michigan State University)

"Costume and Continuity in an Aging Baltic Diaspora Community”
Mathilde Lind (Indiana University)

01-12: "Giving Life and Story to Places that Matter"
Lake Calhoun
Chair: Laurie K. Sommers (Laurie Sommers Cultural Consulting)

Jane Beck (Vermont Folklife Center Board)
Andrea Graham (University of Wyoming)
Robin Krawitz (Delaware State University) 


02-04: "Art and Activism: Lessons from the Black Lives Matter Movement of Minneapolis"
Deer Lake
Chair: Anika Wilson (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

D.A. Bullock (filmmaker, Twin Cities)
Jayanthi Kyle (singer/songwriter, Twin Cities)
Fernando Orejuela (Indiana University)
J. Otis Powell (poet, public Speaker, and writer, Twin Cities)
Stephanie Shonekan (University of Missouri)

02-06: "Folklorists and Tourism: Developing Tours and the Scenic Byways"
 Pine Cedar
Chair: Maida Owens (Louisiana Folklife Program)

Keagan LeJeune (McNeese State University)
Jens Lund (Washington State)

02-07: "Folklore and Aging: The Expressive Lives of Older Adults, Part II"
Patricia A. Atkinson (Nevada Arts Council)

"Still Working: Productivity and Food Preservation”
Danille Christensen (Virginia Tech University)

"Redefining Identity through Traditional Arts”
Patricia A. Atkinson (Nevada Arts Council)

"The Elderhood Arts Program”
Kathleen Mundell (Cultural Resources)

"North Dakota’s Art for Life Program for Elders”
Troyd Geist (North Dakota Council on the Arts) 

02-08: "Communicating through Making and Display: A Roundtable on Craft and Making Traditions as Education and Advocacy"
Crystal Lake
Kelley D. Totten (Indiana University)

Dennis Chilcote (Birch Bark Basket Maker)
Jesse Frost (North House Folk School)
Beth Goodrich (American Craft Council
Jim Sannerud (Woodturner) 
Martha C. Sims (The Ohio State University)

02-09: "The China-U.S. Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritage Project: Retrospects and Prospects"
Spring Park
Jason Baird Jackson (Mathers Museum of World Cultures)

C. Kurt Dewhurst (Michigan State University Museum)
Carrie Hertz (Museum of International Folk Art)
Wenhong Luo (Yunnan Nationalities Museum)
Marsha MacDowell (Michigan State University Museum)
Lijun Zhang (Anthropological Museum of Guangxi)

02-13: "Tell Us a Story: Interviewing and Alchemy"
Lake Nokomis
Paddy Bowman (Local Learning)

Lodanne Assad (University of St. Thomas)
Jan Spencer de Gutiérrez (St. Paul Public Schools)
Kathleen Haughey (Vermont Folklife Center)
Rachel C. Hopkin (The Ohio State University)
Michael Knoll (HistoryMiami Museum)
Makaela Kroin (Oregon Folklife Network)
Charlie Lockwood (Texas Folklife)


03-01: "Artifacts and Stories of Protest: A Pop-Up Exhibit"
Ballroom Prefunction
Hanna Griff-Sleven (Museum at Eldridge Street)

Betty J. Belanus (Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage)
Rossina Zamora Liu (University of Iowa)
Vanessa Navarro (HistoryMiami Museum)
Bonnie Sunstein (University of Iowa)

03-02: "Conversation with Bill Ferris"
Ballroom 4
Chair: Glenn Hinson (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

William R. Ferris (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

03-07: "Remembering the Grand Generation"
Chair: Jon Kay (Indiana University)

Mary Hufford (Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network (LiKEN))
Marjorie Hunt (Smithsonian Institution)
Steven Zeitlin (City Lore)


Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World Reception and Book Signing
Ballroom 3


Public Programs Section Business Meeting
Ballroom 4


Public Programs Section Mixer for Students and Young Professionals
Ballroom Prefunction
Sponsored by the Public Programs Section


Words and Music in Memory of Alan Jabbour
Elk Lake
Jeff Todd Titon (Brown University, emeritus) and Stephen D. Winick (American Folklife Center)


Friday, October 20


04-06: "Digital Folklore and Technology"
Pine Cedar
Chair: Alison Furlong (The Ohio State University)

"Punk in 4-D: Reinterpreting and Reclaiming Performance through Technology”
Ian Hallagan (Indiana University; Texas A&M University)

"‘What Do You See, Old Gray?’: Narrative Accessibility, Creative Audio Description, and ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’"
Erin Kathleen Bahl (The Ohio State University)

"Naming the Imp: A Proposed Taxonomy for New Fairy Tale Media”
Sarah Noel Lawson (Indiana University)

"Mapping Expressive Culture in Transitional Neighborhoods”
Alison Furlong (The Ohio State University) 


05-05: "Media: Traveling with Tradition"
Elk Lake
Barry Bergey (National Endowment for the Arts, retired)

Folk Masters: A Portrait of America: The Photographic Journey of Tom Pich
Barry Bergey (National Endowment for the Arts, retired)

Film: The Condor’s Flight: Between Folklore, Copyright, and Heritage (30 min.)
Valdimar Tr. Hafstein (University of Iceland)  

05-06: "The Other Side of the Same Coin: Community and Activism in Folklore and Education Environments"
Pine Cedar
Jan Rosenberg (Heritage Education Resources)

Loretta Brockmeier (independent)
Sean Galvin (LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York)
Rory Turner (Goucher College)
Terri Van Orman (Folklore Village)

05-08: "State of the Labor Force: Building Support Systems for Sustainable Employment in the Field"
Crystal Lake
Martha C. Sims (The Ohio State University)

Danille Christensen (Virginia Tech University)
Robert Dobler (Indiana University)
Susan Eleuterio (Goucher College)
Gwen Meister (Nebraska Folklife Network)
Joan L. Saverino (University of Pennsylvania)
Nancy Yan (The Ohio State University)

05-09: "In Search of a Sustainable Folk Arts Infrastructure: Strategies for Diversifying Funding beyond the NEA"
Spring Park
Amy Kitchener (Alliance for California Traditional Arts)

Robert Baron (New York State Council on the Arts)
Jon Lohman (Virginia Folklife Program)
Rachel Reynolds Luster (Artist’s Laboratory Theatre)
Clifford Murphy (National Endowment for the Arts)
Rina Rossi (Minnesota State Arts Board)


Cultural Diversity Committee Reimagination Lounge: A Nonconference Incubator for Action Sponsored by the Cultural Diversity Committee
Ballroom Prefunction

What’s Going On
Speaker’s Corner
Origin Stories
Million Artist Movement’s Power Tree Quilt Exhibit and Block-Making Workshop
On Whose Shoulders Do You Stand?
Reimagining Folklore History, Theory and Practice
Values Pop-Up
Folk Histories of the American Folklore Society and Flipping the Script
March for Justice


06-02: "Presenting Muslim Traditional Culture: Perceptions of Islam and Community Self-Presentation"
Ballroom 4
Chair: Brent Björkman (Western Kentucky University)

Osman Ali (Somali Museum)
William G. Lockwood (University of Michigan)
Virginia Siegel (Western Kentucky University)

06-06: "Folklife and STEAM Education"
Pine Cedar (4)
Chair: Nicholas A. Hartmann (National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library)

"Rubbing Shoulders or Elbowing In: A Folklorist’s Contributions to Ethnobotany and Sustainability Studies”
Kara Rogers Thomas (Frostburg State University)

"Our River, Our Home: Youth Development at the Intersection of Ethnography and Environmental Science”
Ellen McHale (New York Folklore Society)

"Constructing Costumes and Community: A K-5 Case Study of STEAM/Folklife Education”
Nicholas A. Hartmann (National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library)

06-09: "Voices of Resistance and Reclamation from Our Past: Historical Perspectives on Folklore Rabble-Rousing"
Spring Park
Chair: Diane E. Goldstein (Indiana University)

"Proletarian Modernism: B.A. Botkin, Folklore Theory, and Living Lore”
Jerrold Hirsch (Truman State)

"Historical Perspectives on Folklore Rabble-Rousing: Stetson Kennedy, A Case Study”
Peggy A. Bulger (Independent)

"‘Some of My Best Friends Are Applied Folklorists’: Disciplinary Identity and the Point Park Debates”
Diane E. Goldstein (Indiana University)

"Research in Progress: Feminist Folklorists and the Study of Women’s Cultures”
Ann K. Ferrell (Western Kentucky University)

06-10: "Author Meets Critics: William Ferris’s The South in Color: A Visual Journal"
Wayzata Bay
Glenn Hinson (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

William R. Ferris (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Tom Rankin (Duke University)

06-12: "Festivals and Public Performance"
Lake Calhoun
Chair: Mu Li (Southeast University)

"Celebrating Chineseness In and Beyond Cultural Boundaries: The Emergence of Chinese New Year Celebration in Newfoundland as the Ethnic and the Public”
Mu Li (Southeast University)

"Touristic Ethnic Festival and Meaning-Making in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China: Local Perspectives and Practices”
Jing Li (Gettysburg College)

"Buzzing about The Bee: Public Storytelling in Salt Lake City”
Nancy C. McEntire (Indiana State University)

"Make America Eat Again: A Centennial Hot Dog Festival in the Summer of Trump”
Dominick Tartaglia (Indiana University)


Saturday, October 21


07-09: "Public and Applied Folklore I"
Spring Park
Nikki Lee Cox (University of Oregon)

"Folklore Flags: A Proposal for Public Engagement through Place-Based Folklore
Nikki Lee Cox, University of Oregon”
Emily Knott-Nelson (independent)

"(Re)Creating Community through Performative Storytelling Practice”
Heather J. Gerhart (Collaborative Digital Storytelling Hub)
Leslie Soble (Goucher College)

"Building a Community-Based Digital Storytelling Center”
Harley Ferris (University of Findlay)

"Staten Island’s Working Waterfront: Exploring Public Folklore’s Potential as a Mechanism for Sustainable Economic Development”
Naomi Sturm (Staten Island Arts Folklife)
Daniel Frankliin Ward (Daniel Franklin Ward Folklife Research & Consulting)

"A New Social Relationship Produced by Folklore Tourism: A Case Study of Folklore Tourism of Pinggu District in Beijing”
Xiaoning Li (Shandong University)

07-11: "New Directions Forum: Podcasting and the Future of Folkloristics"
Excelsior Bay
John Price (Penn State Harrisburg)

Kate Brenner (Amplify: The Oral History Podcast Network)
Eleanor Hasken (Indiana University)
Cory T. Hutcheson (Penn State Harrisburg)
Piper Casey Jones (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Jennifer Spitulnik (University of Missouri)


07-07/08: "Folk Arts Education Workshop: A Focus on the Artist"
Crystal Lake
Lisa Rathje (Local Learning) and Betty J. Belanus (Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage)

Leader: Linda Deafenbaugh (Philadelphia Folklore Project)


08-09: "Public and Applied Folklore II"
Spring Park
Mark Miyake (Western Washington University)

"‘Inside of Each Story Was a Piece of My Story’: Applied Folklore Addressing Stigma around Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders”
Jodine Perkins (University of British Columbia)

"Inspiration or Appropriation: Museum Licensing Programs”
Carrie Hertz (Museum of International Folk Art)

"Heritagelore: Museums and the Manner in which Heritage Might Be Understood in a Trialectic Framework of Place, Materiality, and Mobility”
Lizette Gradén (Lund University)
Tom O'Dell (Lund University)

"Being Away from the Community or Return: Chinese Folk Arts Programs (1949-2016)”
Lei Cai (Wuhan University)

"Recording Resistance: Audio Technology and Folklore Programs as Spaces for Documenting, Supporting, and Incubating Social Justice Movements and Programs in Higher Education”
Mark Miyake (Western Washington University)

08-13: "Mediated Diasporic Identities, Part II: Community Preservation"
See also 07-13
Lake Nokomis
Chair: Joseph Sciorra (Queens College, City University of New York)

"War Stories: Afghan Memories of Migration and Home”
Benjamin Gatling (George Mason University)

"Unity and Identity through Cultural Heritage Preservation Using Social and Advanced Media Technology: The Pacific Islander Diaspora in the United States as a Case Study”
Cecilia Salvatore (Dominican University)

"Online Radio as Path to Solidarity for Mauritanian Halpulaar Diaspora”
Christopher Hemmig (Kenyon College)

"‘A Room with a View’: Building a Communication Center for a Religious Diaspora”
Gabrielle Berlinger (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)


09-09: "Toward an (A)Political Folkloristics: Strategies and Practices for Compassion, Communication, and Engagement in Folklore Research and Programming"
Spring Park
Chair: Chad Edward Buterbaugh (Maryland Traditions)

Anthony Bak Buccitelli (Penn State Harrisburg)
John Fenn (American Folklife Center)
Jennifer Joy Jameson (Alliance for California Traditional Arts)
Ashley Minner (Maryland Traditions)

09-13: "Crafting Transitions: Creating Community through Refugee Arts Groups"
Lake Nokomis
Chair: Sallie Anna Steiner (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Amber Dodge (independent)
Steven Hatcher (Idaho Commission on the Arts)
Lynne Williamson (Connecticut Historical Society)

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