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AFS Review: Notes

New Directions in Folklore at the 2017 AFS Annual Meeting

Wednesday, September 27, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rosalind V. Rini Larson
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By John E. Price, Andrew Peck, and David J. Puglia — 

The New Directions in Folklore section is happily building off of last year's successes and has expanded to sponsor a discussion forum on podcasting and co-sponsor the four-part series on "Fake News." Both of these support our mission to push the boundary of folkloristics and help drive the discipline into the future.

This past year the New Directions in Folklore section has focused in on three overlapping areas of scholastic interest: digital folklife, popular culture, and digital political culture. To that end, some panels not directly sponsored by the section, but which feature discussions on those topics and often include NDiF members, are included below, in addition to sponsored sessions.

And of course, the AFS Annual Meeting is more than just listening to presentations. As much of our membership is in the "graduate student and young professional" category, some of the social events are also included below, including many specifically catering to that crowd.


Wednesday, October 18


Conference Welcome Reception


Thursday, October 19


01-02: “Fake News, Part I: Belief in the Age of Alternative Facts”
Sponsored by the New Directions in Folklore Section
See also 02-02, 04-02, and 05-02
Ballroom 4
Chair: Lynne S. McNeill (Utah State University)

“Alternative Health Websites and Fake News: Taking a Stab at Definition and Genre”
Andrea Kitta (East Carolina University)

“Fake News, ‘Folk News,’ and the Fate of Far Away Moses”
Stephen Winick (American Folklife Center)

“‘Fake Vets’ and Viral Lies: Personal Narrative in a Post-Truth Era”
Kristiana Willsey (American Academy of Arts and Sciences)

 “‘My Friend Posted It and That’s Good Enough for Me’: Source Perception in Online Information Sharing”
Lynne S. McNeill (Utah State University)

01-11: “Spirits, Spectres, and Cyborgs: Beyond Humanity”
Excelsior Bay
Chair: Holly Cusack-McVeigh, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

 “Spirits of the High Plains: Wyoming Paranormal Investigators and Their Folkways”
Maxine Allison Vande Vaarst (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

“Ghost Stories from the Uncanny Valley”
Tok Thompson (University of Southern California)

“Logan Ghost Tours: Legend and Landscape in a Seasonal Utah Event”
Kylie Marie Schroeder (Utah State University)

“The Ghost in the Narrative: Spectral Intersubjectivity and Resistance in an Ozark Cattlewoman’s Narratives”
Mariah Marsden (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

“‘Never Mess with Graves’: Ghost Stories as a Form of Resistance and Community Empowerment”
Holly Cusack-McVeigh (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)


02-02: “Fake News, Part II: Facebook is Everyone's FOAF”
Sponsored by the New Directions in Folklore Section
See also 01-02, 04-02, and 05-02
Ballroom 4
Chair: Moira Marsh (Indiana University)

“The Bowling Green Massacre”
Tim Evans (Western Kentucky University)

“Folklore, Gene Editing, and the Twittersphere: #CRISPRfacts and #Gattaca”
Leah Lowthorp (Harvard University/Center for Genetics and Society)

“Pretend News, False News, Fake News: The Onion as Put-On, Prank, and Legend”
Ian Brodie (Cape Breton University)

“Believe Me, I’m Only Kidding: The Humor Dialectic and the Legend Dialectic”
Moira Marsh (Indiana University)

02-10: “Rethinking Our Discipline”
Wayzata Bay
Chair: Jennifer Schacker (University of Guelph)

“What Can Folklorists Learn from Conceptualizations of Tradition in Anthropology of Islam?”
Ehsan Estiri (The Ohio State University)

“Augusta Gregory, Scribe of the Imaginative Class”
Carl Lindahl (University of Houston)

“Folklore, Popular Culture, and the Phenomenology of the Unofficial”
Esther Clinton (Bowling Green State University)

“Folklore as Public Discourse and Popular Entertainment: John Thackray Bunce's Fairy Tales, Their Origin and Meaning (1878)”
Jennifer Schacker (University of Guelph)

02-11: “Teaching Folklore in the Age of Trump”
Excelsior Bay
Chair: Mary Magoulick (Georgia College)

Debra Lattanzi Shutika (George Mason University)
Linda J. Lee (University of Pennsylvania)
Ruth Olson (University of Wisconsin)
Afsane Rezaei (The Ohio State University)

12:45pm–1:45 pm

New Directions in Folklore Business Meeting
Ballroom 4


03-08: “GunLore”
Crystal Lake
Chair: Robert Howard, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Eric A. Eliason (Brigham Young University)

“Firearms and Commodity Fetishism at an All-Male Juvenile Correctional Facility in Tucson, Arizona, and in Hip-Hop”
Raymond M. Summerville (University of Missouri)

“The Politics of Gunlore: Social Media, Guns, and Donald Trump”
Robert Glenn Howard (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

03-13: "Experiential Learning in the Trump Era"
Lake Nokomis
Chair: Cassie Rosita Patterson (The Ohio State University)

"Experiential Research and Archiving in Appalachian Ohio, The Ohio Field Schools"
Cassie Rosita Patterson (The Ohio State University)

"Ohio State Service Learning Think Tank Explores Cultural and Economic Revitalization in Fayette County, Ohio"
Sonia BasSheva Manjon (The Ohio State University)

"Latin@s in Ohio: Community Engagement in the Service-Learning Classroom"
Elena Foulis (independent)

"Be the Street: A Performance-Centered University Outreach Project on Mobility and Placemaking in The Hilltop Neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio"
Katherine Borland (The Ohio State University)

"Pan-African Connections: Experiential Learning through Connection, Community, and Creativity on a Trip to Ghana, West Africa"
Naki Akrobettoe (The Graham School)


Students and Young Professionals Mixer
St Croix I


Friday, October 20


04-02: Fake News, Part III: Figures of Division in European Politics
Sponsored by the American Folklore Society and the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF)
See also 01-02, 02-02, and 05-02
Ballroom 4
Chair: Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State University)

“The Polish Plumber and the Faceless Bureaucrat: Bogeys and Attributions of Belief in European Union Politics”
Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State University)

“Folklore Applied, or the Making of the President in Belarus”
Anastasiya Astapova (University of Tartu)

“Beyond the Café/Pub Split: Vernacular Narrative Practice Concerning the ‘Refugee Crisis’ in the Post-Truth Czech Republic”
Petr Janeček (Charles University, Prague)

Discussant: Elo-Hanna Seljamaa (University of Tartu)

04-06: “Digital Folklore and Technology”
Chair: Alison Furlong (The Ohio State University)

“Punk in 4-D: Reinterpreting and Reclaiming Performance through Technology”
Ian Hallagan (Indiana University; Texas A&M University)

"‘What Do You See, Old Gray?’: Narrative Accessibility, Creative Audio Description, and ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’"
Erin Kathleen Bahl (The Ohio State University)

“Naming the Imp: A Proposed Taxonomy for New Fairy Tale Media”
Sarah Noel Lawson (Indiana University)

“Mapping Expressive Culture in Transitional Neighborhoods”
Alison Furlong (The Ohio State University)


05-02: “Fake News, Part IV: The Politics of Knowledge in a Crisis of Trust”
Sponsored by the New Directions in Folklore Section
See also 01-02, 02-02, and 04-02
Ballroom 4
Chair: Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State University)

Bill Ellis (Pennsylvania State University)
Russell Frank (Pennsylvania State University)
Diane E. Goldstein (Indiana University)
Tom Mould (Elon University)
Patricia A. Turner (University of California, Los Angeles)

05-16: “Clown Legendry and Discourses of Anxiety in Politics”
Lake Harriet
Chair: Jessica Doble (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)

“Send in the Clowns: A Morphological Analysis of the 2016 Clown Pandemic”
Courtney Bodin (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)

“The ‘Alien’ Within: Anti-Immigration in Clown Legendry”
Josie Scanlan (University of Louisiana, Lafyette)

“Clown Hysteria: When Adults’ Fears are Imposed on Children’s Narratives”
Jessica Doble (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)


06-06: “Folklife and STEAM Education”
Pine Cedar
Chair: Nicholas A. Hartmann (National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library)

“Rubbing Shoulders or Elbowing In: A Folklorist’s Contributions to Ethnobotany and Sustainability Studies”
Kara Rogers Thomas (Frostburg State University)

“Our River, Our Home: Youth Development at the Intersection of Ethnography and Environmental Science”
Ellen McHale (New York Folklore Society)

 “Constructing Costumes and Community: A K-5 Case Study of STEAM/Folklife Education”
Nicholas A. Hartmann (National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library)

Discussant: Lisa Rathje (Local Learning)

06-14: “Hard Thinking About Hard Drinking”
Lafayette Bay
Chair: James B. Seaver (Indiana University)

“Communitas on Draft: Craft Brewers and Community in Madison, Wisconsin”
Jared Schmidt (University of Wisconsin)

“From ‘Craft’ to ‘Sellout’: Public Responses to Breweries and Business Growth”
Aaron Ellis (Indiana University)

“The ‘Communication Drink’: Fieldwork and Passing around Otoori”
Katharine Schramm (Indiana University)

“The Dark Side of the Cider Cellar: Intersections of Drinking Culture and Fieldwork”
Maria Elizabeth Kennedy (The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes)

“Distilling Tradition: The Traditionalization of Legal Moonshine at Bear Wallow Distillery”
Caroline Miller (Indiana University)

“Secret Ingredients: Confronting Racism and Sexism in the American Bartending Industry”
James B. Seaver (Indiana University)


Fellows Reception for Graduate Students
St Croix I


Conference on the Couch: "'Purple Rain': Folklorists Honoring Prince"
Presidential Suite


Graduate Student Trivia
Lake Nokomis


Saturday, October 21


07-11: “Podcasting and the Future of Folkloristics”
Excelsior Bay
Chair: John Price (Penn State Harrisburg)

Kate Brenner (Amplify: The Oral History Podcast Network)
Eleanor Hasken (Indiana University)
Cory T. Hutcheson (Penn State Harrisburg)
Piper Jones (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Jennifer Spitulnik (University of Missouri)


08-05: “Re-seeing Folklore Genres”
Elk Lake
Chair: Wolfgang Mieder (University of Vermont)

“Making the Case for the Seal Wife: A Look at the Tale Type Indices”
Samantha Crain (University of Minnesota)

“A Revolutionary Legend: Charlotte Temple as an Urban Legend”
Mary L. Sellers (Penn State)

“Memorates, Memes, Gossip, and Ballads: Narrating a Local Criminal’s Escapades”
Hilary-Joy V. Virtanen (Finlandia University)

“‘Time is Money’: Benjamin Franklin and the Vexing Problem of Proverb Origins”
Wolfgang Mieder (University of Vermont)

08-12: “Networked Messages: Coding Gender in Online Folk Cultures”
Lake Calhoun
Chair: Chelsea M. Mead (Minnesota State University, Mankato)

“Yik Yak in the Sack: The Presence and Mediation of Sexualized and Gendered Discourse among Midwestern College Students in Yik Yak”
Chelsea M. Mead (Minnesota State University, Mankato)

“Not All Memes: The Role of Internet Memes in the Discourse of Anti-Feminist Social Media Communities”
Andrew Peck (Miami University)

“Knitting in Protest, Knitting for War: Political Crafting in America”
Rebecca J. Keyel (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

“Hot Mom’s Club: Selfie-Empowerment and Community in ‘Facebook’s Hottest Mom Contest’”
Annamarie O’Brien (Penn State Harrisburg)


09-08: “Forum on Folklife Education’s Productive Intersections with Other Pedagogies that Celebrate ‘Community’ and ‘Culture’”
Sponsored by the Folklore and Education Section
Spring Park
Chair: Maureen K. Porter (University of Pittsburgh)

Nicole Cristobal (University of Pittsburgh)
Susan Dawkins (University of Pittsburgh)
Ben Felker-Quinn (Goddard College)
Sarah Garton (Goddard College)
Jacqueline Lombard (University of Pittsburgh)
Kate Van Haren (Pittsville Public School District)

09-14: “Asian/Asian American Folklore Identity in the Age of Trump”
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Fariha I. Khan (University of Pennsylvania)

Mu Li (Southeast University)
Tom Green (Texas A&M University)
Misha Rai (Florida State University)
Juwen Zhang (Willamette University)


Closing Reception with Dan Newton's Café Accordion Orchestra


Sunday, October 22


10-01: Planning Session: Folklore Studies in the Current Troubled Political Era
Crystal Lake
Chairs: William Westerman (New Jersey City University) and Margaret A. Mills (The Ohio State University, emerita)

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