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AFS Review: Notes

2016 AFS/ISFNR Joint Meeting Guide: Asian and Pacific Islander Folklore

Tuesday, October 4, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Jesse A. Fivecoate
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Yuko Nakamura, the junior convener of the Transnational Asia/Pacific Section, compiled a list of panels, paper presentations, and other events that may interest the current and potential section members. While this list does not cover all you might like, the senior convener Levi S. Gibbs and Yuko hope that it helps you navigate the large joint conference. If you are interested in the section members’ general research interests, please see our research profiles. People who are interested in joining the section can contact Yuko at The following list is noted with the primary reason for selection.

*Abbreviations: Reason for Selection

[S]: section sponsored panel.

[A/P]: related to Asian and Pacific Islander cultures (based on an expanded notion of “Asia.”)

[D]: related to cultural diversity, race, and ethnicity.

[C]: related to careers in folklore, featuring a section member.


In 01-16 Ethnography, Fieldwork, and the Archives: Perspectives on Folk Narrative Research at Tuttle Prefunction, Nathan Paul Young (The Ohio State University) presents Positionality, Privilege, and Power: Reflections on Ethnography in Turkish Villages at 1:00. [A/P]


In 03-02 Unfinished Stories: Perspectives on African, African American, and Transnational Cultural Flows at Brickell Center, Alexander D.J. Brickler IV (Florida State University) presents Transpacific Crossroads: Reading the Blues as Black American Folkway in Hiramoto Akira’s Manga, Me and the Devil Blues at 8:30. [A/P]

In 03-03 Public Folklore, New Approaches at Brickell North, Beverly Joan Butcher (New York Institute of Technology) and Meng Ren (University of Missouri) present Making Meaning with American Public Diplomacy Folklore Programming in Nanjing, China at 9:00 and Searching for Zion: The Development and Contemporary State of Reggae in Southwest China at 9:30, respectively. [A/P]

In 03-05 Foodways, Part I at Brickell South, Margaret Capili Magat (SpecPro Professional Services) presents Devouring Fertilized Duck Eggs: Competitive Balut-Eating Contests and the Making of a Folkloric Event at 9:30. [A/P]

03-16 Asian (American) Narrative and Identity at Tuttle Prefunction is chaired by Fariha I. Khan (University of Pennsylvania) and Juwen Zhang (Willamette University), featuring Yuanhao Graham Zhao (The Ohio State University), Brenda Beck (University of Toronto), Mu Li (Southeast University), and Semontee Mitra (Pennsylvania State University). [S]

04-06 Ritual, Sacred and Secular at Gardenia is chaired by Xuan Wang (Memorial University of Newfoundland), and featuring Katharine R.M. Schramm (Indiana University), Anthony Swamy Anthappa (Penn State Harrisburg), Jurij Fikfak (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts), and Xuan Wang (Memorial University of Newfoundland). [A/P]

In 04-09 Narratives of Identity and Belonging at Orchid A, Yuko Nakamura (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) presents Socializing and Placemaking of Middle-Class Women in Tokyo, Japan, 1868–1937 at 11:15. [A/P]

04-16 Explorations of Folk Culture in Japan and Korea at Tuttle Prefunction is chaired by Fumihiko Kobayashi (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), featuring Michael Dylan Foster (Indiana University), Fumihiko Kobayashi (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Linda Kinsey Spetter (Cisco College), and Charles La Shure (Seoul National University). [S]

Transnational Asia/Pacific Section Business Meetings at  Brickell Prefunction (12:45–1:45) presents this year’s winner of Jonathan T. Yeh Award for Student Scholarship and includes the senior convener election.

In 05-03 Evaluating Student Engagement and Artist Experiences at Brickell North, Laila Rajani (Indiana University) presents Looking Homeward: Applying Cultural Conservation Concepts in Pakistan at 3:00. [A/P]

05-16 Regional Identities as Unfinished Stories at Tuttle Prefunction is chaired by Levi S. Gibbs (Dartmouth College), featuring Juwen Zhang (Willamette University), Timothy Thurston (Smithsonian Institution), Levi S. Gibbs (Dartmouth College), and Mark Bender (The Ohio State University). [S]

04-15 “What’s a Nice Folklorist like You Doing in a Position like This?”: Folklorists as Academic Administrators at Tuttle North features Fariha I. Khan (University of Pennsylvania). [C]

In 05-10 Listening Acts: Unfinished Listening as Speculative at Orchid B, Amy Horowitz (Indiana University) presents Co-listening Acts as Imagined Symmetry in Occupied Territory at 3:00. [A/P]

In 05-11 Art at Orchid C, Takashi Takahara (Aichi University), Oral and Non-oral Transmission of the Ogre-Tile Making Tradition: A Case Study of Ito-onigawara in Japan at 3:00. [A/P]


In 06-06 Mythical Narratives in History and (Post)Modernity at Gardenia, Sue M.C. Tuohy (Indiana University) presents Landscape Dramas in China: Narratives, Performances, and Images of Place at 9:30. [A/P]

06-17 Race and Racialization in Folklore Study and Practice at Tuttle South is sponsored by the AFS Cultural Diversity Committee, featuring Anthony Bak Buccitelli (Pennsylvania State University). [D], [C]

07-02 Narrative and Agency in Muslim Traditions at Brickell Center presents the papers of Christine Garlough (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Benjamin Gatling (George Mason University), and Azadeh Vatanpour (Western Kentucky University), all about Muslim traditions in Asia. [A/P]

In 07-15 More Meat at Tuttle North, Kristin McAndrews (University of Hawai’i, Manoa) and LuAnne Roth (University of Missouri) present The Legend of Cat Manapua: Mediating Ethnicity through Culinary Traditions and Storytelling at 10:15 and “The Fate of All Flesh”: Meat as Metaphor in the Films Departures and The Green Butchers at 11:45, respectively. [A/P]

07-17 Critical Histories/Folklore Futures: A Discussion of Engaged Folklore Practices Past and Present at Tuttle South is sponsored by the AFS Cultural Diversity Committee, featuring Cristina Bacchilega (University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa). [D]

08-09 Narratives in Performance: Perspectives from Turkey and India at Orchid A is chaired by Leah K. Lowthorp (Harvard University), featuring Ozkul Cobanoglu (Hacettepe University), Sirin Yilmaz Ozkarsli (Hacettepe University), Bhoomika Meiling (Ambedkar University, Delhi), and Leah K. Lowthorp (Harvard University). [A/P]

In 08-16 Memory, Mythology, and Ontology in Post-Soviet Societies at Tuttle Prefunction, Erik A. Aasland (Fuller Theological Seminary) presents Native American Narrative Ontology and Kazakh Proverbial Wisdom Compared at 3:00. [A/P]


AFS Fellows Breakfast of (Folklore) Champions at Japengo (7:00–8:30) features Cristina Bacchilega (University of Hawai’i, Mānoa) and Simon J. Bronner (Penn State Harrisburg), section members. [C] *Registration required. Contact Lorraine Cashman lcashmanat

In 09-03 Performing Folklore at Brickell North, Xiaoshuai Mao (Shandong University), Hongjuan Zhao (Shandong University), and Hatice Kubra Uygur (Mardin Artuklu University) present The Folk Art Performance and Personal Narrative under the Background of Urbanization in China at 8:30, Tianheng Sea Sacrifice Festival: The Chinese-Style Carnival at 9:00 and The Akitu Festival in Mardin, Turkey at 9:30, respectively. [A/P]

In 09-05 Stories of Women’s Lives at Brickell South Gunnella Thorgeirsdottir (University of Iceland) presents Perseverance and Re-emergence of Ritual in Modern Japanese Society at 9:00. [A/P]

In 09-07 Traditional Tales and Their Transformations at Hibiscus A, Rosemary Stanfield-Johnson (University of Minnesota, Duluth) presents Debate Narratives and Identity: The Tales of Tawaddud and Hosniye at 8:00. [A/P]

In 09-10 Minority Narratives at Orchid B, Nadia Khan (Ambedkar University, Delhi) and Laura Olson Osterman (University of Colorado, Boulder) present Analyzing Pandun Ka Kada as a Tale of the Meo Past and Present at 8:30 and Forbidden Songs: How Pomaks Perform Ethnicity through Songs and Stories about Songs at 9:00, respectively. [A/P] *Pomaks=Slavic-speaking Muslims of Bulgaria

In 09-13 Network Everyday: Impacts of the Digital Revolution at Riverfront South, Anthony Bak Buccitelli (Penn State Harrisburg) presents Shit People Say: YouTube Humor from Folk Identity to Anti-racist Critique at 8:30. [D]

At 10-10 “Who Will Tell Our Stories?”: Creative Reimaginings of Memory, Communities, and Social Change at Orchid B, Misha Rai (Florida State University) presents The Living God Tirupati Balaji: Pilgrimages in the Land of Gods and (Wo)Men at 11:45. [A/P]

In 11-04 Contested Histories and Narratives at Brickell Prefunction, Ziying You (College of Wooster) presents Contested Myth, History, and Belief: Worshipping Yao and Shun at Temples in Rural Northern China at 2:30. [A/P]

In 11-07 Networks, Cooperation, and Competition in Women’s Ritual: An International Comparison at Hibiscus A, Afsane Rezaei (The Ohio State University) and Junxia Wang (East China Normal University) present The Iranian Domestic Rowze: Negotiated Community and Competitive Reputation at 2:00 and Life History, Cultural Contexts, and a Chinese Rural Woman’s Guanxi Practices with Her Niangjia in North China at 3:00, respectively. [A/P]


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