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CFP: 5th World Epics Festival

Tuesday, April 9, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Evangeline Mee

The 5th World Epics Festival will take place June 26–30, 2019 in Bishkek-Talas, Kyrgyz Republic. Preservation and development of distinctive and rare art is one of top priorities of the modern cultural society, whose aim is to preserve and increase cultural values of the humanity, strengthen national identity through expansion of international spiritual and cultural cooperation, creation of a platform for shaping sustainable environment, actualization and translation of epic heritage in the modern world.

Narration is the most ancient genre of oral folk arts in many countries. This unique type of art has brought to our days the traditions of mythology, modes of transmission from one generation to another of national spiritual and moral values of peoples of the world. Rare texts of stories contain genetic, socio-ethical, spiritual traditions of development of nations. Each nation considerately preserves its roots, traditions and history. Getting these things across the next generation is a duty of every civilized state.

Thereon the World Epics Festival was founded by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2006 as one of the innovative ways of preservation of the world epic heritage. The idea was supported by UNESCO and TURKSOY as the latter recognized the Kyrgyz Republic as the center of the world epic heritage in 2005.

Through holding the World Epics Festival the organizers:

  • reveal cultural diversity of different countries and various practices of their preservation, which gives reason to understanding of different cultures and building cultural bridges;
  • give a common ground for many peoples, which will bring the young generation to tolerance and unity;
  • promote awakening of people and development of respect and love towards their past;
  • open access and participation of all social groups in cultural life of the country;  
  • strengthen distinctiveness and originality of each nation.           

The main components of the Festival:

1.     Parade of Cultural Diversity

The content of this component includes the following activities:

a) Epic narration (all forms):

  • oral narration;
  • cultic and folk forms of Eurasian continent;
  • ceremonies and rituals in shamanic art;
  • ancient voice technique, throat singing, the art of kaichy;
  •  dance rituals, philosophy of Sufi dervishes; 
  • theatrical performance based on epics;
  • performance of ballads and runes.

b) Parade of traditional values of national culture:

  • ethno-village “Dwelling of a Nomad”;
  • traditional sports games;
  • ethno Bazaar (national crafts)

c) Art contests:

  • “Kyrgyz yurt” contest among yurt masters;
  • “The best narrator of epics and dastans” contest among narrators;
  • “Nomad Style” fashion show-contest.

2. Scientific and Research Symposium: "Mythopoetic and Epical Images of the World as Forms to Reflect the Reality."

  • Through holding a Scientific and Research Symposium we define the condition of preserving, protecting and popularizing epic heritage of other peoples. In the framework of this symposium we identify new knowledge of innovational forms of preserving epic heritage as well as the danger of extinction of certain types of folk culture (traditional ceremonies, games, the art of narration).
  • Holding a Scientific and Research Symposium fosters development of further policies on preservation and development of epic heritage.
  • Scientific research of epic heritage of specific nations of the world acts as a powerful tool of further preservation and popularization of this genre.
  • Researches of epic heritage also encourage development of policy statements related to protection of intangible heritage by relevant authorities, interested states and international foundations.
  • All the research papers presented during the "Mythopoetic and Epical Images of the World as Forms to Reflect the Reality" Scientific and Research Symposium will be published in a special collection of research papers to help scientific circles and the new generations to understand the significance and the need of that testament, passed and carried across centuries, carefully protecting the deepness, wisdom and drama of epic narrations.


Participants of the Festival are narrators of epics, performers of Sufi dance, dervishes, performers of shamanic rituals, performers of runes and ballades, renowned epic researchers.

General requirements for Participation:

The Parade of Cultural Diversity

We invite narrators of epics, performers of cultic and folk forms of Eurasian continent; performers of ceremonies and rituals of shamanic pantheon; performers of throat singing genre; performers of Sufi music and dance rituals of dervishes.

The program of a participant is defined by personal choice and performed live. The use of traditional instruments or sound record also possible. Duration of the performance shall not be longer than 15 minutes. There is no age limitation for festival participants.

Participants also perform at the Closing Gala Concert to represent their countries.

Participants are expected to send their performance video/cover footage to project during their performance in advance. The deadline for application May 5, 2019.

The Scientific and Research Symposium

The organizers are looking for renown experts and researchers (one expert from each country) on epic heritage to participate in the two-day International Symposium to take place within the Festival.

The theme of the 5th Symposium is "Mythopoetic and Epical Images of the World as Forms to Reflect the Reality".

Three panel discussion subthemes are:

1. Mythological Image of a Hero: Traditional and Contemporary Forms

2. Women-Fighters in the Epical poems as reflection of  the Epoch of Matriarchy

3. Traditional Epic Culture in a Modern Society: Forms of Adaptation and Transformation.

Participants are expected to present their papers either in one of the above topics during the panel discussions or on the main theme at the plenary session.

All the papers presented will be published in the Symposium collection of scientific works. The deadline for paper submission is May 10, 2019.

Send Applications To:

Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic

Pushkin Street 78

Bishkek 720040

Kyrgyz Republic

Telephone: +996 312 623550, +996 312 664816

or sent via email: 




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