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AFS Review: Notes

Foodways at the 2017 AFS Annual Meeting

Thursday, September 28, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rosalind V. Rini Larson
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By Lacey Cornell (Kids Cook!) — 

Here is a not-so-short guide to the numerous foodways presentations at the 2017 AFS meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All papers listed here are foodways related (or at least foodways adjacent). The range of topics this year is staggering: Medieval foodways, adult beverages, married women’s kitchen mistakes, hot dog eating contests in the age of Trump, among so many others. Find a food truck with undeniable offerings and a comfortable seat, and enjoy reading! Hopefully, this guide will help with your selections during the meeting.

The Foodways Section Business Meeting will convene on Thursday from 12:301:45pm at the German Beer Hall, Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar (16 North Sixth Street). Attendees are responsible for purchasing their own lunch. The restaurant is both vegetarian and gluten free diet friendly.


Wednesday, October 18


Markets and Communities Tour (Pre-Registration Required)
Location: Meet at Hyatt Regency Main Entrance


Thursday, October 19


01-14: “Medieval Women: Strength and Struggle in Medieval Women’s Faith Journey Narratives”
Sponsored by the Medieval and Early Modern Section and the Women’s Section
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Theresa A. Vaughan (University of Central Oklahoma)

“Liturgical Feasts and Mystical Vision: Medieval Asceticism and the Command to Eat”
Barbara E. Hamilton (William Paterson University)

“‘Birgitta’s Heart is a Pot of Delicious Food’: A Vision of Balancing the Spirit and the World”
Judith Lazendorfer (University of Findlay)

“Mothers of the Believers: Influential Women in Seventh-Century Islam”
Heather Hoyt (Arizona State University)


02-07: “Folklore and Aging: The Expressive Lives of Older Adults, Part II”

“Still Working: Productivity and Food Preservation”
Danille Christensen (Virginia Tech University)

02-14: “Medieval Women: Foodways and Food Fears”
Sponsored by the Foodways Section, the Medieval and Early Modern Section and the Women’s Section
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Judith Lanzendorfer (University of Findlay)

“A Woman’s Weapon: Poison and Witchcraft in Medieval Scandinavian Folklore”
Amber J. Rose (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

“‘The Deuyll and She Be Syb’: Food, Sex, and Gender in the Middle Ages”
Theresa J. Vaughan (University of Central Oklahoma)

“Reading The Cheese Nun and Medieval Dairymaids: Sensuality, Costume, and Ideology”
Kristen M. McAndrews (University of Hawai‘i, Manoa)


Foodways Section Business Meeting
Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar (16 North Sixth Street)


03-14: “Foodways as Feminist Resistance”
Sponsored by the Foodways Section and the Women’s Section
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Christine J. Widmayer (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

“The Edible Man: Playing with Food at Bachelorette Parties”
Diane I. Tye (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

“Perpetuating Sisterhood in a Legacy of Recipes”
Janet C. Gilmore (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

“Married Women’s Renegotiation of Kitchen Mistakes through Narrative”
Sarah T. Shultz (Western Kentucky University)

“The Kitchen over Time: Performing Complex Identities through Cooking”
Christine J. Widmayer (University of Wisconsin, Madison)


Friday, October 20


04-14: “Foodways: National, Regional, and Local Identities”
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Joy Fraser (George Mason University)

“History, Identity, and Fricassee Soup in Vincennes, Indiana”
Rosalind Rini Larson (Indiana University)

“Creolizations in the Melrose Plantation Cookbook”
Elaine Y. Yau (Independent)

“‘The Plenishing O’ Poortith’s Wame’: Scottishness as Honest Poverty in Cultural Depictions of Haggis”
Joy Fraser (George Mason University)

“‘Who Started this Tradition?’: Continuity and Change in the First Anniversary Ritual of Eating ‘Year Old Wedding Cake’ on YouTube”
Jennifer Dutch (York College of Nebraska)

“Foodways in South Central Kentucky: Exploring International Grocery Stores as Spaces for Cultivating Identity and Community”
Nicole Patricia Musgrave (Western Kentucky University)


05-14: “Dining at the Imagined Table: Negotiating Food and Nation in a Multicultural Society”
Sponsored by the Foodways Section
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Lucy M. Long (Center for Food and Culture)

“Constructing an Imagined Dinner Table: The Ethnic American Food Encyclopedia and Cookbook”
Lucy M. Long (Center for Food and Culture)

“Pig Tales: From Rumors and Beliefs about a Pork Ban in Federal Prisons to Culinary Nationalism”
Michael Owen Jones (University of California, Los Angeles)

“From ‘Garlic Breath’ to ‘Goya Bean’: Immigration and the Intersectionality of Culinary Racism and Culinary National in America”
LuAnne Roth (University of Missouri)

“Devouring Balut: Embryonic Eggs, Culinary Authenticity, and Re-Creation of the Self in Social Media”
Margaret Magat (independent)


06-12: “Festivals and Public Performance”
Lake Calhoun
Chair: Nancy C. McEntire (Indiana State University)

“Make America Eat Again: A Centennial Hot Dog Festival in the Summer of Trump”
Dominick Tartaglia (Indiana University)

06-14: “Hard Thinking about Hard Drinking: Community and Controversy in the Production and Consumption of Alcohol”
Lafayette Bay
James B. Seaver (Indiana University), chair

“Communitas on Draft: Craft Brewers and Community in Madison, Wisconsin”
Jared Schmidt (University of Wisconsin)

“From ‘Craft’ to ‘Sellout’: Public Responses to Breweries and Business Growth”
Aaron Ellis (Indiana University),

“The “Communication Drink”: Fieldwork and Passing around Otoori”
Katharine Schramm (Indiana University)

“The Dark Side of the Cider Cellar: Intersections of Drinking Culture and Fieldwork”
Maria Elizabeth Kennedy (The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes)

“Distilling Tradition: The Traditionalization of Legal Moonshine at Bear Wallow Distillery”
Caroline Miller (Indiana University)

“Secret Ingredients: Confronting Racism and Sexism in the American Bartending Industry”
James B. Seaver (Indiana University)


Saturday, October 21


Community Cultural Anchors: Neighborhood Foodways Tour (Pre-Registration Required)
Location: Meet at Hyatt Regency Main Entrance


07-14: “Traditions in Transition: Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia”
Lafayette Bay
Chair: Ziying You (The College of Wooster)

 What Did Confucius Eat? China’s Struggle with Culinary Heritage”
Philipp Demgenski (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, France)

07-15: “Songs and Struggles”
Gray’s Bay
Chair: Catherine H. Kerst (American Folklife Center, retired)

“‘Coffee was Good’: Coffee Songs and Swedish Modernities”
Wverker Hylten-Cavallius (Swedish Performing Arts Agency)


08-07: “Folklife of Changing Environments: Documenting, Theorizing, and Presenting Environmental Folklife in the Anthropocene”
Chair: Jess Lamar Reece Holler (Growing Right Oral History Project)

“Narrative Inquiry, Participatory Research, and Bottom-Up Organizing Food Sovereignty in Virginia’s New River Valley”
Liz Howard (Virginia Polytechnic University)


09-11: “‘Whom Say Ye That I Am?’: Marginalization, Subversion, and Identity Re-Creation in Judaism and Mormonism”
Excelsior Bay
Chair: Brant W. Ellsworth (Central Penn College)

“‘Eat, Drink, and Be Merry’: The Subversive Foodways of Mormons”
Brant W. Ellsworth (Central Pennsylvania College)

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