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Paper Session Proposal Form

Please use this form to propose a paper session for the AFS 2011 Annual Meeting. You must submit your proposal no later than March 31, 2011.

Paper sessions consist of a set of papers pre-organized on a given topic. There can be no more than 4 papers in a single panel session. If a session includes a discussant, there can be no more than 3 papers in that session. Each paper presentation will be allotted 30 minutes on the program, including time for a brief introduction, for the presentation, and for questions and discussion, which will follow immediately after each presentation.

Required materials: The chair of a panel must submit online her registration, registration fee payment, and this organized session proposal form, including long and short abstracts for the panel as a whole, as well as contact information, titles, and short abstracts for each presenter and paper on the panel. All participants in the panel must provide their proposal information to the chair well before the deadline, and must separately submit their own registration and registration fee payments.


You must attach Word documents to this form with portions of your proposal information. Before you begin your submission, please prepare the Word documents you need so you can attach them to the form later in the process.

Form questions that are underlined have explanations or instructions that will appear when you hover your cursor over the question.

200 of 200 characters remaining
Choose the best 2-5 keywords to represent your panel in the program index, INCLUDING TERMS THAT ARE ALREADY IN YOUR PANEL OR PAPER TITLES; include genre, group, and/or geographic place if relevant to your presentation.

For “Genre” and “Practice,” choose the most specific option, or leave blank.

For “Additional, commonly used terms,” you may select as many as are relevant.

For Topic 4 and 5 (free choice), enter ONE TERM from the AFS Ethnographic Thesaurus.

Provide a 500-word abstract for your session in the space below, which will be forwarded to the Program Committee for evaluation.

Do not begin the abstract with the title of your session.

Do not include any presenter names in the abstract, since it will be sent out for blind review.

The review criteria are: 1) A clear thesis or analytical statement; 2) A coherent argument; 3) An indication of familiarity with previous research; and 4) The session's contribution to a deeper understanding of the theme of this year’s meeting, or to one or more of the core concepts of our field, such as art, context, folk, genre, group, identity, performance, text, or tradition.
Your 100-word abstract for the session as a whole will be printed in the program book if your session is accepted for the meeting program.

In the text box below, please paste the text of the short abstract. Include only the text of the abstract itself—e.g., no session title.

The text box will not preserve bold, italic, or underline. If your text contains these print enhancements, please add a note at the end of the abstract (eg, “NOTE: Italicize: Journal of American Folklore”).
In the answer spaces below, please give us the names, institutional affiliations, email addresses, paper titles, and short (100-word) abstracts for each of your paper session's participants, in the order that they will present their papers on the meeting program.

In the Short Abstract fields, paste only the text of the abstracts themselves, not the authors or titles.

A single paper session may have no more than four papers (three, if the session includes a discussant).

If your session will have a discussant, enter the discussant's name and affiliation in the space for Presenter 4; in place of the title, write "discussant."
Presenter 1

If it seems that nothing happens when you hit Submit, look for an error message at the top of the form. You may have missed a required field. If that doesn't work, request a new math question.

If the error message is "or leave the field blank," request a new math question.

You will go to a confirmation screen when your proposal is successfully submitted. If you have further questions during business hours, call 812-856-2379.

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