JAF 125/496: Trauma
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JAF 125/496: A Word from your Co-Editors 2 T. DuBois There are several kinds of trauma that come to mind (outside the context of natural disaster) such as community violence, terrorism and battlefield-gladiator warfare. Each of these categories (or comparisons) have individual causes and identities. On the other hand, there is the broadly defined "we want our country back" movement that compares to the "we want to move our country forward" movement. The commonality I see in all the above themes a sense/feeling that society (we) (#1) are experiencing a loss of control; (#2) government is vying for more control;(#3) societal structure is deteriorating; (#4) religion is being subverted by the above turmoil. Is it coincidental/delusional that most of the above (seem to me to be) categories related to getting along with one another?
by R. Osenenko
Thursday, May 02, 2013