Archiving and digital storage deconstructed (slightly)
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9/21/2011 at 3:12:37 PM GMT
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Archiving and digital storage deconstructed (slightly)

FYI - some handy things to consider. I will post to Publore in hopes of attracting traffic to the forum.

Battle of Archiving Models -
Part 1: On-premise vs. Hosted vs. Cloud Computing  
From: Peter Kurilecz
".This will be the first of a blog series, "Battle of Archiving Models."
To start it off, we will cover the basics; on-premise vs. hosted vs. cloud computing.  Below is a general description of all three, and the benefits that each model offers.   It’s been said that we generate more data on a daily basis than all of the data combined from the beginning of time until 2003. Most of that is attributed to you and I and what we do every day. From our daily emails, Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, to our connections on LinkedIn, the files we download and the pictures upload, this all amounts to an enormous data load."