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1/21/2011 at 4:32:27 PM GMT
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I have a question.  Has anyone written about the reuse of a craft object for other purposes?  What I am dealing with is embroidery, on the front of a shirt, for example, which, when the shirt becomes worn, is cut off and used as the front of another shirt.  Sometimes it is used elsewhere in the garment or not in a garment at all but, say, for a comb case.  I'm dealing with Ukrainian material and I know that Ukrainian costume books and embroidery books do not write about this.  They deal with the regional characteristics of embroidery, both motifs and embroidery techniques.  New ones have New Age-y discussions of symbols.  But nothing about how a piece of embroidery "lives" in the tradition.  Can anyone help?  We were thinking that someone writing about quilts might have said somthing about this, but I'm not up on the literature about quilts.